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GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Galileosky tracking devices are aimed at remote fleet monitoring by means of satellite systems GPS and GLONASS. Using Galileosky equipment, you get reliable and long-living monitoring system, unlimited functionality and high level of service.

Why Fleet Management Is Important for Your Fleet?

Galileosky GPS tracking devices is notable for high accuracy and is applied for:

  • Keeping vehicle track;
  • Controlling fuel consumption, cost reducing for fuel products;
  • Prevention of leakage and inefficient fuel consumption;
  • Calculating most suitable rote, preventing dry run of transport;
  • Control of speed limit, travelled distance;
  • Reliable protection from transport or cargo theft;
  • Receiving data from various sensors and additional devices;
  • Receiving information about idle time or tickover, possible technical disorders, presence of passengers in the transport and others. 

How Efficient Is it to Implement the Fleet Management System?

Using GPS tracking devices is economically beneficial in practically every business sphere. On average, after transport monitoring system is implemented fuel charge decreases up to 30% and in general you can save on fleet ownership up to 23% or more. Installation of GPS/GLONASS equipment into the fleet is compensated in about a year allowing a company to significantly decrease expenses by reducing unnecessary spendings and route optimization.
Galileosky devices certificated and meet the current state standards. Company-manufacturer “GalileoSky” takes all the warranty responsibilities and provides qualified technical support.

How Does the Fleet Management System Work?

Fleet management system is based on recording and analyzing coordinates of vehicles that are received by GLONASS/GPS satellites. Data are recorded by means of special GPS/GLONASS devices, which transfers transport coordinates to the monitoring server on-line. For data transmission, cellular or satellite connection is used.
Data processing, that are received via GPS/GLONASS mmanagement system, is completed with the help of server center which can be a usual PC with special GPS tracking software installed. Server system can be also created where each of the servers would transmit some definite data that are necessary for resolving definite tasks. Such systems allow to connect to the system simultaneously a number of users who are able to receive and process information about the whole fleet.
The received information is immediately processed and is displayed as interactive report which is available from any computer, tablet or cell phone with Internet connection. 

Processing the Received Data

To create vehicle management system, apart from the tracking devices you will also need specialized software installed in the server or subscription to the service of data processing.

The software for fleet monitoring systems allows:

  • Remotely install and set tracking units and additional sensors;
  • Monitoring transition and location of transport in the set time period;
  • Controlling current technical state of transport to identify possible disorders;
  • Notifying about fuel leakage, route changing, overspeeding and other violations;
  • Exchanging text messages with the driver;
  • Making reports on the base of received data and many others.

All kinds of reports can be shown in the way most suitable for the user, for example, tables, diagrams, schemes. After collecting and analyzing the results you will gain the insight of professional competence and honesty of drivers and efficiency of fleet utilization. With receiving such information, you can immediately start improving the current management model.