Transport & Logistics

Cold chain logistics

Keep appropriate temperature level and perform high-quality delivery of perishable goods.

Solve these issues with Galileosky:

How to control temperature on the way?

How to notify the driver in case of failure as soon as possible?

How to keep the goods fresh and avoid losses?

Constantly control refrigerated fleet temperature with an accuracy of a degree. Set the door opening and closure control. Detect reefer malfunctions before they cause serious damage.

Speed deliver and ensure product integrity to maintain good reputation. Create a reliable system that controls wide range of key indicators and helps promote efficiency.

Track various refrigerator brands with a single device


Connect to standard refrigerator logger of Thermo King, Carrier, Mitsubishi and Lumikko. Modify the system with your own solutions that are compatible with standard equipment.

  • Get a real time data transmission to the monitoring server
  • Control the refrigerator unit operating modes
  • Maintain needed temperature in each zone
  • Detect and respond to emergencies
  • Get information about total number of engine operating hours
  • Monitor battery voltage

Even one degree matters

Сold generation monitoring, temperature control, and up–to-date data transmission are the tasks for the logger together with the Galileosky tracking device. Integrate all sensors and system nodes that are involved in the process.

  • Use additional temperature and humidity sensors
  • Control duration and record the time of doors opening
  • Notify the driver if the temperature moves out of the safe limit
  • Activate the freezer automatically to keep the set temperature
  • Predict temperature drop or rise depending on the circumstances

React to any changes Immediately


The logger detects a temperature change, how soon will driver know about it? Set up thresholds, react to various indicators and send notifications to responsible employees with Easy Logic algorithms.

  • Do not store all data in the device's memory only, set data transfer to the server
  • Create an algorithm for sending instant notifications to the dispatcher and other responsible employees
  • Calculate the maximum time of keeping the optimal temperature when the unit is turned off
  • Don’t let the drivers turn off the reefer to save fuel

What devices to opt for?

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Galileosky 7x Plus

Leading edge GPS tracker with extensive capabilities. New-generation classics.

Which Galileosky technologies are used?

Easy Logic. Get full control over your telematics solutions. Set the reactions to any events.

Eco Driving. Solution for economical, ecological and safe driving. Polygonal geo zoning and realtime updates.

CAN Scanner. Read any data transmitted via CAN-bus of any vehicle type quickly and easily.

Exigner. Display any data from GPS tracking devices on any smartphone or tablet in real time.

Why global companies trust Galileosky?

The average service life of devices is 10 years
Less than of defect rate in company history
Expanded flexible functionality

How does Galileosky help to control the freshness of the food?

Cargo management

Temperature level monitoring to keep products fresh

Corporate transport monitoring

Innovative telematics for reliable logistics

Transportation conditions control and fuel monitoring

Refrigerator management to maintain the freshness of products

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