Company Sky is not the Limit

750 000 Galileosky devices are used by 500 companies in 50 countries worldwide.

Professional means Long-term.
That is our approach to everything from our products to our relationships with employees and partners.y

Quality Embedded

Own production line with integrated quality control.

Trusted components only.

Six Sigma methodology is rooted in the company culure.

Focus on R&D.

Expandablity of products.

Education Programs.

Built to Last

10+ years of operation guarantee.

Our products are designed to work in the extreme enveironments.

We build durable relationships with our partners and our employees.

Career in Galileosky.
We are constantly rethinking our products, improving processes, introducing new tools to help partners around the world make their business more efficient and successful.

Find out how we can help grow your business:

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