Use cases with Galileosky devices

Fuel theft prevention using Galileosky tracking devices in the UK

Galileosky terminals for fuel security system

Galileosky tracking devices have helped the airsoft trams to play the Battleships game on rough terrain

One of the Galileosky engineers has created a solution where the vehicle telematics is used to determine the exact location of a pedestrian.

Global Position integrator has created a universal system for transport security

The main objective of the new model is a transition to a fundamentally new unified standard of transport service quality.

Galileosky tracking devices for drivers' sobriety monitoring

PSI Mining has developed a drivers' sobriety monitoring system with the possibility to control the well-being of each employee during the work shift.

Galileosky and ITLINE joint solution made public transport more accessible to people with special need

ITLINE has developed a system for digitalization of pub-lic transport with the Galileosky tracking devices.

Agricultural machinery detection without sensors

The Integrator solution allows to monitor the movement of agricultural machinery and determine whether it is working in geofences

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