Use cases with Galileosky devices

20% increase in harvest in one season with the introduction of telematics

How to earn more than $120 000 on apples in one season?

Every millimeter counts!

Many agricultural producers lose the part of their crops every year due to the processing parameters violations. Interra experts have solved this problem by developing the Deeplow product.

The system of sound alerts about the theft of fuel

The integrator Trans-Control-Service has implemented a technological and cost-effective solution for fuel theft real-time monitoring at a large oilfield service company.

Galileosky tracking devices have been used to develop a flagship product to control watering of fields

A development based on Galileosky terminals that provides irrigation of plantings taking into account soil moisture and climate in a specific geofence.

EcoDriving by Galileosky helps an oilfield service company assess drivers' performance remotely

How to control driving style and compliance with safety requirements for transportation of petroleum products with the help of a virtual instructor

Why isn't low average consumption a reason for joy?

How saved 500,000 rubles on fuel and reduced the idling of equipment by 3.5 hours without compromising work processes

How to eliminate fuel thefts of at storages and gas stations?

Exzotron Bot can control all fuel on the enterprise

Better cold chain logistics with Galileosky

Carrier refrigerated trucks with control system based on Galileosky devices

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