Fleet management

Do your best with real-time vehicle tracking. Increase fleet performance and get rid of fuel frauds.

Use a host of features to reduce fleet expenses with Galileosky

Make the fleet increase your income

Fleet management Make the fleet increase your income

Prolong cars’ life and pay less for maintenance with Galileosky units. Our high-end solutions are reliable for any transport and support an endless list of peripherals from different manufacturers. Choose TOP-quality equipment and software to get maximum advantages.

What to opt for? It’s up to you:

  • Standard and submersible FLS
  • Flow meters
  • Tachographs
  • RFID readers and iButton tags
  • Camera
  • Direct connection to the CAN-bus
  • Any software and online maps service
35% less fleet expenses
1-3 months for payback

With Galileosky you can

Create faster routes and improve logistics

You can see the entire picture of vehicles location, orders to deliver and checkpoints to pass. A perfect trackdrawing without cuts and gaps will add clarity.

Who’s closer? Buckle up, it’s your turn

Who’s closer? Buckle up, it’s your turn
Distribute tasks and orders among employees to achieve minimum mileage with maximum profit. Get the right vehicle to be in the right place and time.

Not just a point on the map

Not just a point on the map
Get clear and easy-to-understand reports, use any convenient monitoring server. It could be the current track or day archive, fuel consumption and the number of gas stations visited, cars’ health or driving style. All on your screen.

Eliminate fleet misuse

Trigger alerts when the vehicle is out of the geofenced area and avoid mile write-offs for personal use. Prolong service intervals and save significantly on unscheduled repairs.

Map boundaries and time limits

Map boundaries and time limits
Notify the dispatcher in case of leaving the boundaries of a certain geofence or driving outside the set time period. Deny access to the car during off hours.

Authorized employees only

Authorized employees only
Watch who gets behind the wheel, do not let to drive with fake ID or do fraud. The ignition can be turned on after phone call or photo identification.

Every liter matters

Monitor fuel consumption, record time and place of refueling and draining. Eliminate all possible fuel fraud scenarios.

Gentle driving lowers costs

Gentle driving lowers costs
Save fuel consumption with smooth driving. Prevent harsh braking, aggressive acceleration and cornering to get rid of them once for all.

Forget about fuel drains

Forget about fuel drains
Protect fuel lines from being tapped in and fuel be drained. Penalize cheating and prevent passing the fuel cards to the third parties. Rely on real data, not the driver's words.


Galileosky 7x C

GPS tracking unit with maximum number of inputs for facing main monitoring challenges

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Galileosky 7x Plus

Leading edge GPS tracker with extensive capabilities. New-generation classics.

Why is it profitable to use Galileosky?

A profitable investment

By solving current fleet management tasks, you are building the future potential. Durability and high-end technologies will allow to expand functionality without on-site visits, re-equipment and complex improvements even many years later.

Flexible scenarios

The list is unlimited – set your own scenarios to control drivers and track your assets. There are a lot of use cases depending on the challenges, industry and other project features. Easy Logic technology can do anything.

Reliable support

Any doubts left? Technical support engineers are always here to advise which device to opt for and help with the equipment configuration for the project.

Find out how the integrators applied fleet management solutions in their projects

Sistema de seguimiento de transporte de carga en África

Constellation Tracking Solutions, uno de los integradores más importantes de Burundi, ayuda a controlar el estilo de conducción

Saving $157,000 for the fleet maintenance

Real time tracking and significant cost reduction

Cargo management

Temperature level monitoring to keep products fresh

Corporate transport monitoring

Innovative telematics for reliable logistics

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