CAN Scanner

Powerful tool for reading
any CAN data

CAN Scanner

CAN Scanner makes it easy and quick to read CAN data of any vehicle type and model and transfer them to the monitoring server.

CAN Scanner helps to track:

CAN Scanner advantages

1. Fast parameter search

CAN Scanner allows to find the required car parameter in a few minutes, for example, the wheels position, engine RPM and coolant temperature

Any cars and trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery – wherever there is a CAN-bus, you can find the data

2. Reading any vehicle data
3. No costs for extra devices

Control various vehicle parameters by connecting a single Galileosky tracker to the CAN-bus directly or via OBD-II connector

Decode the data from one car, create templates and apply them to the entire fleet of the same brand and model

4. Templates for a group of units
5. Vast amount of CAN data to manage

Set up automatic reactions of your car when its critical parameters are changing. Control the vehicle’s central lock, alarm system, engine control unit, steering wheel, multimedia and other devices with Easy Logic technology

Use CAN Scanner is easier than you think

Use CAN Scanner is easier than you think
  1. Download the “Configurator” program and connect Galileosky tracker to the CAN-bus
  2. On the CAN Scanner tab, select the bus speed and filter type for the specific vehicle and click the “Start receiving” button
  3. Affect the needed node. To find data such as engine speed, press the gas pedal. Changing parameters will be highlighted in red along with the tachometer needle moving
  4. Save the received parameter into any protocol tag for further sending to monitoring server

Helpful features to make data searching even faster

CAN-bus log recording
Work with two CAN-buses at once
Ability to write comments and sign tag names
Convenient color coding of the parameters in real time
Online calculator to convert measurement units
Ability to display data in big/little endian format
Filtering required messages by using the monitor button
Data highlight for a preset duration
Automatic counting of received messages
Nine more lifehacks to work with CAN Scanner tool

Find out how CAN Scanner can be useful for you:
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