Exigner Driver App

The most flexible telematics driver app ever

Displays the necessary Galileosky GPS tracking device data on a smartphones’ or tablets’ screen in real time.

How to keep the driver informed?

Using the free Exigner App, drivers can:

  • Receive instant warnings about overspeeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration to correct driving style
  • Monitor crucial parameters: equipment malfunctions, problems with the load
  • Control driving and resting time, be alerted to make a stop

Display online data on one screen

Now it is easier than ever to display necessary vehicle or driver performance data on any smartphone or tablet screen.

See only what you need

There is no fixed interface, just like there are no any limits to display any data you wish. Keep an eye on those parameters important for the project.


Exign what you see

Become an exigner to make everything look as you wish. Choose best suitable widget for each parameter, place it wherever you want, and edit widgets’ font size, colors, etc. and color.

Transfer data even offline

Choose necessary data transfer mode. Provide a direct connection between the tracker and the App via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in order not to depend on the GSM coverage area.


How to create a dashboard?

The dispatcher/integrator can create and edit dashboards in the browser version exigner.com. The user can share the dashboard with the necessary widgets with the driver.

Can the driver edit a dashboard?

Setting permissions in Exigner is as flexible as possible. The user has the opportunity to provide access to edit dashboards for certain users or to restrict it.

Which Galileosky trackers operate with Exigner app?
  • Exigner operates with all the Galileosky 7, Galileosky Base Block modifications and Galileosky OBD-II via GPRS
  • Local Wi-Fi connection — with the Galileosky 7.0 Wi-Fi
  • Connection via Bluetooth interface — with Galileosky 7x devices
Is it possible to display data from different trackers on one dashboard?

Yes. It is possible to display different trackers data on one screen simultaneously, for example from a unit installed in a truck and from another unit, installed in a refrigerator.

Does the app need a SIM-card to operate?

Only for registration in Exigner and the initial download of dashboards to the driver’s device, Internet access on a smartphone is required. Then the interaction between the tracker and the App can be carried out locally via Wi-Fi or BLE without a smartphone Internet connection. However, the Exigner Driver App also provides online operation. In this case, smartphone must be equipped with a SIM-card with Internet access.

Download the free App:

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