Driving style control

Сars, buses, trucks and other vehicles are under control. A real cost-cutting tool.

Galileosky can help you save up to 80% on fines, penalties and vehicle maintenance

Leave sooner, drive slower

Driving style control Leave sooner, drive slower

Galileosky solutions are reliable for any transport. Connect directly to the CAN-bus to get maximum vehicle data. Create flexible scenarios to control driving style of different cars with feature rich technologies.

It’s up to you:

  • Easy Logic Geofences
  • Exigner Driver App widgets
  • CAN Scanner data search tool
  • Automatic driver and dispatcher alerts
  • Accelerometer and shock sensor
  • RFID and iButton readers
3 times less accidents
35% fuel consumption reduction

With Galileosky you can

Prevent traffic violations

Adjust driving style in real time and react to various situations as quickly as possible.

Any format reminders

Any format reminders
Remind to fasten seat belts, turn the headlights on, use turn signals or check tire pressure. Record and play audio files to avoid speeding tickets and prevent other violations.

High time to react

High time to react
Set up speed limits automatically according to different geofences and weather conditions. Keep an eye on potentially dangerous stretches, react to rain, snow or icing.

Spend less, earn more

Careful driving allows not only to save on fuel, but also to prolong equipment depreciation, carry out unscheduled repairs less often

Every liter matters

Every liter matters
Prevent fuel drains, shut off the engine while idling and control engine speed for optimal consumption of petrol, diesel and even gas.

Treat as your own

Treat as your own
Insist on smooth driving, prevent harsh braking, accelerating and sharp cornering. Extend the life of brake system, suspension and engine.

Reward good driving habits

Set up a flexible reward system for careful drivers based on speed, driving style, fuel consumption and absence of rules violations.

About all and each

About all and each
Get reports on careless driving from every vehicle. Create a system of penalties for dangerous driving: harsh braking, acceleration and turns.

Encourage safe driving

Encourage safe driving
Make a driver rating and reward top 5. Create excellent motivation to compete for high traffic compliance scores.


Galileosky 7x C

GPS tracking unit with maximum number of inputs for facing main monitoring challenges

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Galileosky 7x Plus

Leading edge GPS tracker with extensive capabilities. New-generation classics.

Why is it beneficial to control driving style with Galileosky?

A profitable investment

Solving basic challenges, you are building the future potential. Durability and technology will allow to expand functionality without on-site visits, re-equipment and complex improvements, even many years later.

Flexible scenarios

Features are unlimited – set your own scenarios in fuel control system depending on the tasks, industry and other project challenges. Easy Logic technology do anything.

Reliable support

Any doubts left? Technical support engineers are always here to advise which device to opt for and help with the equipment configuration for the project.

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Galileosky device for fleet management via CAN-bus

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