Highly complex telematic solutions in Mexican Penitentiary vehicles

SAKTESI is a partner and distributor of Galileosky in Mexico. The company was established in 2010 with a focus on providing telematics solutions in Mexico and other countries in the region. Currently, they serve over 120 clients in Mexico and have successfully expanded into the market in Peru.


The recognition of their efficiency and professionalism has enabled them to establish themselves as a company that customizes its solutions to the specific requirements of each client. They create "tailored suits," which has provided them with the opportunity to compete in a more challenging market, resulting in increased profitability. Few companies nationwide possess these capabilities, giving them a competitive edge.

One example of professionalism can be seen in several penitentiaries across Mexico, where Saktesi, in partnership with Galileosky, is providing security solutions for a transportation company that operates within these prisons. The company's policy is to prevent easy access to the vehicles to avoid any potential inmate escape. To address this, a customized logic was developed that automatically turns off the vehicle's engine after a set period (parked) and can only be unlocked with an authorized code. If the vehicle is not started within a specific timeframe after unlocking, the system reactivates the security measures.


Project tasks

  1. Develop proprietary logic to ensure the safe opening and closing of vehicle doors.
  2. Provide flexibility in connecting peripherals and sensors to create customized logic.
  3. Implement operator identification through RFID cards.
  4. Enable fuel level monitoring for up to 3 tanks per vehicle.
  5. Integrate J1939 computer readings, temperature and humidity measurements, door opening identification, and capture driving habits data with multiple concurrent logics.


The project involves the operation of 500 7xLTE units distributed across Mexico, with a particular focus on Michoacán. Mexico is vast and diverse, featuring mountainous regions like the Sierra Madre Occidental and Oriental with coniferous and pine forests, while the lowlands of the southeast, such as the Yucatan Peninsula, are dominated by humid tropical forests. In the northern part of the country, characteristic features include the Sonoran and Chihuahua deserts with sparse vegetation adapted to arid conditions.

The client initially conducted tests with several suppliers to address their need for customized reporting, but they did not achieve the desired success and efficiency. The key requirement was for the reports to follow a specific format on a daily basis. Specifically, the aim was to automate the reporting of all journeys to prisons, enabling the regularization of all individuals entering the penitentiaries, not just the employees and workers operating within. This also includes the vehicles used by lawyers and laundry service companies for the prisoners' clothes that belong to Saktesi's end client.

Whenever a person opens the door of any of the vehicles, the system records this action, along with capturing the time and validating whether it constitutes a legitimate stop. For instance, if on a given day there were 75 trips with a total of 104 door openings, the Galileosky-monitored system will track metrics such as fuel consumption, distance traveled, and most crucially for the end user, the exact timings and frequency of stops. This data holds monetary value, underscoring the importance of the prison personnel adhering to designated routes and specified stops within a prescribed schedule.

On the other hand, all vehicles operating within the penitentiaries are required to have RFID cards. These cards are necessary to start the vehicle. If the vehicle is turned off and remains stationary for more than 10 seconds, it is automatically locked, requiring the officer to scan the RFID card again to start the vehicle. This information, including the 10-second stoppage, is recorded within the system.

 All data captured by the devices needs to be consistent with the information displayed on the tracking platform, which is monitored by the end client's software. Consistency and accuracy between the system data and the tracking platform are crucial for effective operations within the penitentiary environment.


SAKTESI has secured these projects due to their flexibility and expertise in utilizing Galileosky devices. They differentiate themselves by employing a single “brain” to address all project requirements, setting them apart from their competitors.

The trust that SAKTESI has established in achieving favorable outcomes can be attributed to the extensive knowledge demonstrated by Galileosky's technical support team, which includes training, logistical support, and assistance in creating new logic and resolving issues. Additionally, SAKTESI benefits from the flexibility to integrate various peripherals into their solutions.

Oscar Enrique Segovia Gallardo, CEO SAKTESI:
Oscar Enrique Segovia Gallardo, CEO SAKTESI:

"The decision to establish an official partnership with Galileosky in Mexico comes after years of successful collaboration and high customer satisfaction with their products. We have directly witnessed the transformative impact of Galileosky products on our operations and those of our clients, offering dependable and innovative solutions. As authorized distributors, we are enthusiastic about extending this exceptional experience and quality to a wider market. With Galileosky, we are elevating our partnership to a new level, built on years of trust and demonstrated outcomes".

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