Public utility & Services

Emergency services

Prompt response and situational monitoring in case of emergency. Reliable logistics and predictable results.

Solve these challenges with Galileosky:

How to coordinate emergency vehicles effectively?

How improve routes to arrive faster?

How to maintain safe and reliable work environment?

Better dispatching, proper planning and comprehensive control. Do your best with well-prepared vehicles and highly qualified personnel. Improve the situation at the incident scene as soon as possible. 

Monitor fleet condition and send the nearest vehicle to shorten the response time. Monitor the performance remotely and keep in touch with the crew even in out of GSM network areas.

When every second counts


Define the nearest unoccupied and ready-to-go vehicle. Keep an eye on the cars’ status: "Need to refill with water", "Disinfection required", "More fuel needed”

  • Record time, phone number and destination automatically
  • Divide territory into geofences
  • Avoid overruns, create optimal routes

Streamline performance while emergency

Water level in the tank, pressure in the fire hose, fuel supply – these data can be transferred online.    Where is a fire pond or plug nearby? Use valuable data insights on vehicle key metrics to assign the closest vehicle and save time.

  • Evaluate how correct the decisions taken by team and dispatchers are
  • Send extra fire brigades to site if help is needed
  • Carry out photo and video recording, send files to the server for the in-depth analysis

Less paperwork


Each call must be accepted, processed and recorded according to the rules. Optimize this process to frees up time for other important tasks.

  • Create reports on incoming calls automatically
  • Log and process all outgoing and incoming calls
  • Maintain and update a database about accidents and response results

What devices are suitable?

Base Block Iridium

Data transmission with 100% worldwide coverage

Why global companies trust Galileosky?

The average service life of devices is 10 years
Less than of defect rate in company history
Expanded flexible functionality

Galileosky technologies to benefit

Easy Logic. Get full control over your telematics solutions. Set the reactions to any events.

Eco Driving. Solution for economical, ecological and safe driving. Polygonal geo zoning and realtime updates.

CAN Scanner. Read any data transmitted via CAN-bus of any vehicle type quickly and easily.

Exigner. Display any data from GPS tracking devices on any smartphone or tablet in real time.

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