Out of GSM coverage monitoring

Control equipment at remote sites. Transfer data even where mobile network is absent. Use Wi-Fi technology features.

Galileosky Wi-Fi solutions expand network coverage

Get all the information all the time

Out of GSM coverage monitoring Get all the information all the time

Galileosky Wi-Fi solutions allow to create a monitoring project with online data transmission without using GSM network.

  • Transfer data between trackers
  • Opt for a suitable solution: Wi-Fi or Iridium
  • Switch between GSM and Iridium automatically
  • Transfer data via Wi-Fi upon arrival in the geofence
  • Use Iridium to send data packet regularly
  • Store all information in internal memory
  • Send the units’ operation log by command
100% data received
use cases

With Galileosky you can

Transfer data via Wi-Fi

How to transfer data via Wi-Fi? If the GSM is weak, the device saves all data in memory and transmits it automatically once it connects to the router.

Use different data uploading scenarios:

At the base

At the base
The data is sent to the monitoring server twice a day: when machine leaves the base, where the duplex satellite dish and Wi-Fi router are installed, and when it comes back.


One Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub device with hotspot function collects data from all devices via Wi-Fi within a radius of 80 meters. Upon returning to the base or in the GSM area, it sends data to the server automatically.

Create an extensive network

In a mine, quarry, or remote site, set up data transfer from one Wi-Fi Hub to another with the Hub-to-Hub function. And expand the network as the mine develops. This allows to:

Receive data all the time

Receive data all the time
The data transmission chain is limitless, create an extensive network to collect information from all devices.

Ensure security at the facility

Ensure security at the facility
Up-to-date information in the monitoring system allows to respond quickly in case of emergency or violations.

Provide 100% Earth coverage

When people safety depends on the signal reliability, when it is necessary to monitor the high-value assets performance in remote areas, then Iridium is the best solution.

You’ll get the information. For sure.

You’ll get the information. For sure.
The Iridium satellite channel provides data transmission from anywhere in the world. The unit will send an emergency message to the base immediately if the crew is in danger or something is wrong with the equipment

Stick to the schedule

Stick to the schedule
In the absence of GSM, unit connects the Iridium module automatically. And turns it off as soon as it gets in touch. You can set the required period for sending data to the server.


Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub

GPS tracking device for data collection and transmission in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all

Base Block Iridium

Data transmission via Iridium satellite communication with 100% worldwide coverage.

Why is it profitable to use Galileosky?

Profitable investment

Solving out of GSM control challenges, you are building the future potential. Durability and high-end technologies will allow to expand functionality without on-site visits, re-equipment and complex improvements even many years later.

Flexible scenarios

The list of capabilities is unlimited – set your own scenarios with Wi-Fi solutions and Hub modules. There are a lot of use cases depending on the challenges, industry and other project features. Easy Logic technology can do anything.

Fits all

Wi-Fi solutions are great for such industries as logging, agriculture, mining, oil production and others.

Reliable support

Any doubts left? Technical support engineers are always here to advise which device to opt for and help with the equipment configuration for the project.

Use advanced data transfer capabilities

Silk Road Rally

Base Block Iridium to control the crew anywhere in the world

Solar powered fuel tanks

4 hours are enough to charge the battery

Fuel control and truck flipping fixation

Wind changes direction and GSM connection is lost, but Wi-Fi isn't

Gold mining equipment monitoring

Trucks control even in poor GSM, 60 miles away from the base

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