Easy Logic Technology

Discover telematics innovations

What is it

Easy Logic

Easy Logic is a revolutionary technology for custom programming of Galileosky tracking devices.

How it works

  • Easy interface to develop solution on your own.
  • Create drag-and-drop algorithm in a few steps.
  • Use presets or set your reactions to events.
Easy Logic templates
Easy Logic

For example:

Notify the driver about violations to correct the driving style in real time

Start car engine automatically when the air temperature drops down

Enable safe vehicle engine blocking in case of undesirable driver actions

Sustain temperature and humidity regimes automatically

Enable predictive maintenance by keeping equipment operating in the certain thresholds

Prevent pumps, generators, and other special machinery faults before they occur

Automate equipment and facilities performance according to sensors data

Make new additional devices integration over serial ports

Send an SMS about fuel drains to the dispatcher

Connect sensors that work on different protocols

Set different speed limits for different geofences

Get a photo report automatically after completing work on the site

Schedule irrigation system to turn on automatically

Notify the driver that passengers did not fasten the seat belts

Automatically switch between SIM cards in roaming

Set up alerts about GSM jamming

Turn on the speed warning light for the driver

Remotely control the car's central lock system

Turn off the engine while idling

Easy for everyone.
Whether you’re starting out or already a pro, Easy Logic makes it simple to create algorithms. Just drag-and-drop blocks and connect them.

Easy Logic
Reduce concept-to-implementing time

Integrate new peripheral by yourself.
Require specific peripheral for the project? Not a problem! Connect new sensors, controllers and other devices by yourself.

Easy Logic

Go beyond the standard solutions.

Consider Easy Logic as your competitive tool. Offer your client more than just fleet monitoring – business automation, processes optimization and human factor mistakes prevention.

Help your client solve business tasks and earn more.


Weather station based on Galileosky devices

Easy Logic helps to combine different sensors in one system

Automation of winemaking stages

From seed growing to wine bottling

Bus wash spot automation

A simple algorithm to make the system work automatically

Hazardous waste removal monitoring

Weighing and quality control of medical waste removal

IoT Greenhouse remote control & automation

Temperature and humidity control

Monitoring agricultural airplane using an Android App

Crucial parameters on the pilots' dashboard

Programmable GPS device for car sharing

Galileosky device for fleet management via CAN-bus

Grain tank unloading control

Access to the cargo only by RFID card

Find out how Easy Logic can be useful for you
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