Easy Logic School

Easy Logic School

Get the most out of telematics

The three-step Easy Logic training program allows you to master the technology perfectly: from the basics to creating scripts in the programming language.

Easy Logic School
Level 1 Easy Logic
Easy Logic School
Training format
Learning time
1 day

An online course for self-study of opportunities and getting enough knowledge to quickly start using the technology.

Easy Logic Basic participants will learn how to create the simplest algorithms, after training and testing, they will receive a certificate that entitles them to participate in an advanced technology course.

In this course you will learn
  • What integrators' tasks can be solved with the help of Easy Logic?
  • How can the tools and functions in the interface be used?
  • What is an "event"? How can it be used in the algorithm?
  • What are actions and variables in Easy Logic?
  • How to create an algorithm?
  • How can I check the algorithm's performance?
  • What are some examples of algorithms that can be used in projects?

Reviews of the program Basic

Level 2 Easy Logic
Easy Logic School
Training format
11 video lessons
Start date
Available at any time
Easy Logic Basic

A practical online course providing advanced knowledge of Easy Logic technology. Easy Logic Practic consists of 11 video lessons where you will create several multifunctional Easy Logic algorithms that you can use in your telematics projects.

The course is designed for those who are already familiar with Easy Logic technology. Participants must have an Easy Logic Basic certificate confirming the basic level of knowledge.

In this course you will learn
  • What is the logic of creating Easy Logic algorithms?
  • How to simplify algorithms and diagnose them?
  • How to use events, user actions and arrays?
  • How to use polygonal, circular and rectangular geofences in algorithms?
  • How to set up the operation of the terminal in roaming and use cameras?
  • How to use RS 485 handler?
  • How to set up interactive communication with the device, work with modules, send commands and create remote control?
  • What is the principle of working with CAN messages in algorithms?
  • How to send messages to CAN-bus using Easy Logic?

Reviews of the program Practic

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