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Heavy machinery control. From bulldozers to cranes and stand by generators.

Meet these challenges with Galileosky:

How to reduce asset and heavy equipment downtime?

How to prevent unauthorized usage?

How to control discipline and stop fuel drains?

Location tracking and operating time recording are just a part of a whole. Equip your assets with a comprehensive monitoring system to receive a holistic view on your business.

Keep an eye on equipment mechanical wear and improve utilization through proactive maintenance. Get the most out of every trawl, bulldozer, excavator, loader.

Make every piece of heavy equipment visible


The bulldozer consumes 3 L/h at idle speed, under load – 20 L/h. Do not rely on the hour meter reading only. Use advanced solutions.

  • Control fuel consumption with flow meters, FLS and other sensors
  • Compare operating modes data with real fuel consumption
  • Carry out scheduled maintenance timely
  • Get reasons to recalculate rental cost based on the factual equipment operating conditions

Be sure machines get the job done

Track which assets are being used, at what location and time, in what way. Increase profitability, estimating extra expenditures and improving productivity.

  • Monitor engine hours, nonproductive idle time, employee usage, etc.
  • Configure alerts if assets are taken outside of a specified geofenced area
  • Set authorized access to heavy equipment
  • Get notified instantly about off-hours utilization

Protect your assets from being stolen


Get instant alerts for any unauthorized movement day or night. Be sure that your high-valued assets are secured.

  • Track equipment movement and record any deviations from the route
  • Prevent unauthorized access by adding protection features to the standard security system
  • Know exactly, where each asset is. Even outside of GSM coverage and if the engine is off.

Improve work efficiency and keep compliant with rules


Galileosky trackers are easy to integrate with tachographs. Detect external physical impacts with built-in accelerometer. Find more ways to increase drivers’ discipline.

  • Reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs caused by aggressive use
  • Eliminate misuse and stop equipment operation under extreme loads
  • Prevent breakdowns before they occur

What devices to opt for?

Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub

GPS tracking device for data collection and transmission in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

What Galileosky technologies are used?

Easy Logic. Get full control over your telematics solutions. Set the reactions to any events.

Eco Driving. Solution for economical, ecological and safe driving. Polygonal geo zoning and realtime updates.

CAN Scanner. Read any data transmitted via CAN-bus of any vehicle type quickly and easily.

Exigner. Display any data from GPS tracking devices on any smartphone or tablet in real time.

Why global companies trust Galileosky?

The average service life of devices is 10 years
Less than of defect rate in company history
Expanded flexible functionality

How does Galileosky help to monitor construction equipment?

Excavator operating mode control

Under load, idling or in motion. Excavators with Galileosky devices

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