Public utility & Services

Utilities monitoring

Smooth performance and timely tasks completion. High-quality road cleaning and sites maintenance.

Meet these challenges with Galileosky:

How to improve public utilities transparency?

How to ensure timely presence of specialists at the right site?

How to implement attachable equipment control in addition to basic vehicle monitoring?

Assign each piece of equipment a specific geofence and create the best route to follow. Easily predictable scenarios will protect you from “surprises” in reports.

Control performance by making photos and automatic documents filling. Prevent unwanted employee actions and maintain your reputation at a high level.

Cars and sites are under control


Monitor sprinklers and washers. Keep an eye on snow blowers, monitor garbage trucks and stationary objects in real time to optimize their performance.

  • Get accurate data on the quality and frequency of roads cleaning from snow, ice and mud
  • Monitor irrigation, control water flow or chemicals
  • Diagnose equipment and monitor service intervals remotely
  • Track routes online
  • Receive instant notifications of malfunctions in hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Control heat, gas, water and electricity supply

Quality is better than quantity

Make sure the right equipment is on the route. Exclude the possibility to go off the way, prevent unloading in wrong places or driving with disabled brushes and bucket.

  • Send out the equipment that is closer to the required location
  • Determine the order and service time for each checkpoint
  • Build schedules and tables based on data analysis
  • Record deviations from the route, excess mileage and engine hours of equipment out of the specific task
  • Monitor separate garbage collection and the facts of unloading at the landfill

Use resources efficiently


Control the consumption of reagents, fluid and sand for high-quality roads cleaning and keeping them in a proper condition.

  • Change the limits of salt consumption flexibly depending on the geofence, weather conditions and the workload of the road
  • Set places, where you need cleaning only, where sand needed and where you have to use salt
  • Mark areas on the map online to avoid re-cleaning
  • Use specific machinery depending on the task complexity

What devices are suitable?

Galileosky 7x C

GPS tracker with maximum number of inputs for facing main monitoring challenges

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Which Galileosky technologies are used?

Easy Logic. Get full control over your telematics solutions. Set the reactions to any events.

Eco Driving. Solution for economical, ecological and safe driving. Polygonal geo zoning and realtime updates.

CAN Scanner. Read any data transmitted via CAN-bus of any vehicle type quickly and easily.

Exigner. Display any data from GPS tracking devices on any smartphone or tablet in real time.

Why global companies trust Galileosky?

The average service life of devices is 10 years
Less than of defect rate in company history
Expanded flexible functionality

How does Galileosky help to monitor the utility operations quality?

Saving $157,000 for the fleet maintenance

Real time tracking and significant cost reduction

Trash removal control

Utilities fleet management and performance improvement

Hazardous waste removal monitoring

Weighing and quality control of medical waste removal

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