Remote control

Automate workflows, increase productivity, cut costs and improve business performance.

Galileosky features to get the entire automatization

Technologies to increase business efficiency

Remote control Technologies to increase business efficiency

Go beyond basic monitoring and put forward a flexible management and control solution to achieve tremendous results.

Set up equipment operation scenarios with Easy Logic, connect any peripherals for comprehensive control. Synchronize units with each other and use even CAN-bus to handle. Let the system run smoothly.

1 device to control everything
100% of companies benefited

With Galileosky you can

Set the logic of operation

Install unit. Connect sensors and devices. Set up steps: when the sensor detects readings changes, equipment is activated automatically. No need to involve employees in settings changing. Everything works by itself!

Infinite use cases list

Infinite use cases list
You can provide a plenty of ways to react. Set different access levels for RFID cards, block locks and trigger an alarm when burglary attempted, turn the air conditioner on for cooling or heating depending on the temperature sensors readings. It’s up to you.

No people involved

No people involved
Reduce the number of on-site visits. Control remotely: via CAN or via commands to the unit. All other processes are performed automatically.

Optimize processes

Companies around the world highly appreciate Galileosky solutions benefits – entire equipment control, operation management and step-by-step reactions, human factor mistakes prevention, maintenance and repair costs reduction.

In advance

In advance
Thanks to data transparency, analysis and reporting, companies can predict efficiency, plan schedules accurately and get ready to high workload or expenses.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction
40% less fuel and equipment maintenance costs in seismic exploration. 28% more tickets sold on buses. More than $ 131K saved per year with Galileosky. Real savings of real companies.

Prevent malfunctions

Leave the troubleshooting model and move on to predictive analytics. Forecast the equipment future condition, get ready to stop if necessary and evaluate the likelihood of failure or accident.

Based on historical data

Based on historical data
Create, replenish and analyze a database about the equipment performance during a certain period. Determine regular patterns and let the situation flow according to your plans.

Cheaper to predict than to fix

Cheaper to predict than to fix
The breakdown cost is hundreds of times greater than the cost of the system to prevent it. Moreover, minimizing the human factor, you bring the enterprise performance to a new level.


Galileosky 7x C

GPS tracking unit with maximum number of inputs for facing main monitoring challenges

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Why is it profitable to use Galileosky?

Profitable investment

By meeting your current monitoring and automation challenges, you are building the future potential. Durability and high-end technologies allow you to expand functionality without on-site visit, re-equipment and complex improvements even many years later.

Flexible scenarios

The list is unlimited – set your own scenarios to control drivers and track your assets. There are a lot of use cases depending on the challenges, industry and other project features. Easy Logic technology can do anything.

Suitable for any area

Galileosky integrators apply solutions in such extraordinary areas as: winery automated, a sugar factory, a meteorological station, IoT greenhouses, airplanes, car washes and more.

Reliable support

Any doubts left? Technical support engineers are always here to advise which device to opt for and help with the equipment configuration for the project.

What results have global companies achieved with Galileosky?

Weather station based on Galileosky devices

Easy Logic helps to combine different sensors in one system

Automation of winemaking stages

From seed growing to wine bottling

Solar powered fuel tanks

4 hours are enough to charge the battery

IoT Greenhouse remote control & automation

Temperature and humidity control

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