Fuel monitoring

Manage your fuel resources properly. How much was spent? Where did the driver fill up? Who drained fuel? Petrol, diesel and even gas.

Galileosky will help to reduce fuel losses up to 40% and exclude drains completely

Each liter matters

Fuel monitoring Each liter matters

Solutions with Galileosky tracking devices work reliably on any transport, generators, fuel dispensers and warehouses, wherever they are. Integrate sensors and software from different manufacturers in one system.

Connect whatever you want:

  • DFM flow meter
  • Standard FLS
  • Submersible FLS
  • Connect to FLS via Bluetooth
  • Digital tank cap
  • Direct connection to CAN-bus
  • Connecting to CAN-bus via contactless readers
  • Connecting to the CAN-bus via CAN-log
40% less fuel consumption
0 L fuel drains

With Galileosky you can

Create fuel limits for drivers

Determine fuel usage limits for each driver per day, week, or month. Check mileage, fuel consumption and carry statistics out.

Keep an eye on fuel cards

Keep an eye on fuel cards
Put coordinates together, check the driver, vehicle and monitor fuel level at the time of fuelling. Let the tracker do it for you.

Change limits flexibly

Change limits flexibly
Modify the limit on the driver's card automatically when change to another car. Block the card use after the shift.

Control refuelling spots

Allow to fill the car up at approved fuel stations only. It will protect from low-quality gas and prolong vehicle service life, even if there are no fuel cards. Create geofences to cope with the challenge.

Auto identification

Auto identification
Stationary or mobile gas stations, fuel tanks – activate pumping after the driver or the car ID check. Trust real data, stop guesswork.

What if there is no GSM?

What if there is no GSM?
It is not a problem. All math is carried out inside the device, without the need to transfer data. Implement different out-of-GSM scenarios: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hub-to-hub, radio frequencies, etc.

Get notified

Set various content and format of notification depending on the recipient: for the driver – violation warning, for the dispatcher – time, location and car reg number, amount of fuel and name of the lawbreaker – for the owner.

In any format

In any format
Via SMS to unlimited amount of numbers. In the monitoring software. By voice message or playing audio file.

To prevent violations

To prevent violations
Record all unwanted employees’ actions, respond quickly and take measures to prevent fraud and theft in the future.


Galileosky 7x C

GPS tracking unit with maximum number of inputs for facing main monitoring challenges

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Why is it profitable to control fuel with Galileosky?

Profitable investment

By solving the basic fuel monitoring current tasks, you are building the future potential. Durability and technology will allow to expand functionality without on-site visits, re-equipment and complex improvements, even many years later.

Flexible scenarios

Features are unlimited – set your own scenarios in fuel control system depending on the tasks, industry and other project challenges. Easy Logic technology do anything.

Reliable support

Any doubts left? Technical support engineers are always here to advise which device to opt for and help with the equipment configuration for the project

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