Easy Logic templates

Modbus server

Periphery Tracker settings

Server side algorithm for Modbus protocol. Provides access to terminal inputs and outputs via Modbus-RTU protocol. More detailed 

Switching operation modes on Wi-Fi trackers

Periphery Tracker settings

The algorithm switches the operation mode of the Wi-Fi module between the Access Point and Client modes depending on the location inside the geofence (client) or outside it (access point). It contains an example of using rectangular and circular geofences and the chain of Wi-Fi module auto-tuning. You can choose and use any geofence option from the presented ones.

Writing data to the user's universal array structure

Creation of algorithms Data Transfer

The algorithm contains the function of forming a data descriptor and demonstrates an example of writing a universal structure to a user's array using this function.The universal structure of the user's array is used to transfer to the monitoring server a package of various user data – numbers of different dimensions and strings of different lengths in the order desired by the user, followed by automatic parsing on the server of this structure according to individual parameters more detailed

Sound notification to the driver about violation of driving style

Transport ECO Driving

In case of violations of the driving style, in particular sharp accelerations, braking and cornering, as well as overspeeding, the tracker instantly informs - a pre-recorded audio message is played for each type of violation. 

Audio files must be recorded in WAV format, 16kHz, mono, 16 bit and saved on a microSD card. The initial parameters of the control limits for acceleration in mm/s2 and speed in km / h are set in the list of global variables. These limits can be changed using STYLE command with new values from the monitoring software or via SMS from authorized phone numbers.

Starting the engine after authorization

Transport Identification

The algorithm allows the driver to start the engine only after authorization with an iButton key or RFID card. The tracker controls an external relay, which closes the fuel pump power supply circuit in this case. 

As long as the key is attached, the output remains open. If the key is removed, the chain breaks and the engine is blocked. To determine if the key is authorized, the algorithm analyzes the second bit of the tracker status. The list of trusted keys (up to 8) must be written to the microSD card or specified in Configurator settings on Digital inputs tab.

Equipment integration via Modbus protocol

Partner Algorithm

The algorithm allows you to receive and send data via Modbus protocol on the example of independently carried out integration of Galileosky trackers with OWEN display. The solution can be used in various fields, for example, for obtaining and displaying advanced parameters of diesel generators on the panel.

Company: Moya Traektoria, LLC
Contact person: Danil Zamaraev 
Phone: +7 909 000 000 22 

Monitoring compliance with the speed limit in a set geofence

ECO Driving Geofences Transport

The algorithm has one rectangular geofence and two circular ones. A rectangular geofence is set by the coordinates of the lower-left and upper-right points of the rectangle's hypotenuse, the circular one - by the coordinates of the center and radius. 

Each geofence has its own speed limit in km/h. In case of violation of the speed threshold, the algorithm opens the output of the tracker to which the buzzer is connected so that the driver hears an audible warning. Coordinates are written in whole numbers, that is, the digits in the standard format of degrees.of_a_degree are multiplied by 1,000,000. The radius is presented in meters multiplied by 100, so 20,000 is 200 m.

Setting fuel delivery limits on Exzotron fuel dispenser

Fuel control Identification Transport
Partner Algorithm

And the algorithm allows you to organize the delivery of fuel from a tanker or a fuel dispenser, using RFID cards, with the ability to assign daily and total limits. At the end of the operation, a receipt is printed with information about the date, identifier, amount of fuel.

Contact person: Yuri Kuzmuk
Phone: +7 978 701 38 59

Remote locking and unlocking of the central lock

Remote control Transport

Open and close car central lock using Lock and Open commands. The algorithm accepts the command, displays a diagnostic message, and performs the desired action.

Air conditioning and heating control depending on the weather

Remote control Transport

The algorithm opens and closes the tracker outputs depending on the threshold values of the temperature and humidity sensors. As soon as the temperature reaches the required value, the algorithm turns off the heating or air conditioner and displays the message "Temperature and humidity are normal." The check is carried out continuously to maintain one temperature autonomously.

Automatic safe engine blocking as antitheft protection

Remote control Transport

When the parameters of speed and coordinates are changed, the algorithm detects theft and blocks the engine only after the speed is 0. Thus, the intruder will not be able to restart the car, and the user will receive a notification with the coordinates.

Controlling outputs by iButton keys

Identification Peripherals

To provide access to the premises, car, machinery, equipment and other object, the user applies iButton key. The algorithm checks if the key is trusted and opens an exit.

Reading error codes from CAN-bus

CAN-bus Transport
Partner Algorithm

The algorithm constantly checks the messages that come from CAN bus using J1939 protocol. In the case when the algorithm finds an error in CAN, identifies it and sends it to the monitoring server.

Company: TVKom, LLC
Contact person: Andrey

Receiving and processing data from CAN-bus

CAN-bus Transport

The algorithm demonstrates the sequence of actions for obtaining values from CAN bus by pressing the brake pedal and engine speed. The algorithm uses hexadecimal representation of PGNs and identifiers, so decimal values must be assigned to them in the list of global variables to work correctly.

Organization of receiving CAN messages

CAN-bus Transport
Partner Algorithm

Thanks to the algorithms, the event processing logics can be transferred from the server to the tracker level and thus to continuously monitor the parameters, detect and prevent dangerous driving, save the vehicle from theft and carry out remote diagnostics of its condition.

Company: LocMe.ru 
Contact person: Alexander Ivanov  
Phone: +7 845 277 32 97

Sending CAN messages

CAN-bus Transport

The algorithm receives messages from CAN- bus and writes four bytes into two variables: high and low. Based on this algorithm, the user will be able to accept any CAN message and write the required parameters into variables.

М2М monitoring and control for carsharing

CAN-bus Transport

The algorithm receives messages from CAN- bus and writes four bytes into two variables: high and low. Based on this algorithm, the user will be able to accept any CAN message and write the required parameters into variables.

Change data roaming settings automatically

Cellular Geofences ECO Driving

To save traffic in roaming, the tracker communicates with the server every 2 hours for 15 minutes, and the rest of the time GSM module is disabled. This function is automatically activated when overseas, and in the home region the connection works permanently. 

You can independently configure the frequency and time of getting in touch using commands from the monitoring software, as well as control the operation of GSM module using SMS from authorized numbers. 

The algorithm is available for Galileosky 7 and Galileosky Base Block trackers.

Fixing the winding of the speedometer

Partner Algorithm

The algorithm allows you to fix the winding at the vehicle speedometer. Detects the use of technical means of distorting odometer readings and notifies the vehicle owner

Saving the settings and current data of the algorithm when tracker restarting

Algorithm creation Tracker settings

The algorithm saves all current settings and counter values on an external microSD card and, after restarting the tracker, starts working from the moment of the last saving. 

For this, the algorithm writes the current data to the microSD card in values: two 32-bit values are written to the time_count file and three 8-bit values to the time_hour file. With the help of CHANGE command via SMS from authorized numbers or from the monitoring software, you can change the "constant values" of the algorithm. The algorithm also saves all changes on the microSD card.

Data processing and vehicle control via CAN-bus

Transport CAN-bus
Partner Algorithm

Analysis of parameters and vehicle control via CAN-bus using Easy Logic technology. Algorithms allow you to "record a point" and send out-of-order messages to the server upon the occurrence of certain events in CAN bus, as well as monitor individual parameters within specified ranges.

Company: LocMe.ru 
Contact person: Alexander Ivanov  
Phone: +7 845 2 77 32 97

Data transfer between RS 232 and RS 485 interfaces

Periphery Data Transfer Tracker settings

The tracker allows receiving and transmitting information from one digital port RS 232 or RS 485 to another without changing the data. At the same time, the tracker not only transmits data between ports, but also processes the data on its own.


Integration with digital devices via RS 232 and RS 485


The tracker receives data from RS 232, RS 485 ports and saves the received data to an array: it receives, processes, writes to memory. Having received this data, the user can independently integrate with any digital devices.


Connecting a two-channel meter OWEN TRM200

Partner Algorithm

The algorithm allows to independently integrate two-channel meter Owen TRM200 with Galileosky 7.0 Lite. OWEN TRM200 measures temperature, humidity, weight, pressure and other parameters and is intended for use in refrigeration units, drying cabinets, ovens, pasteurizers and other technological equipment.

Company: LocMe.ru 
Contact person: Alexander Ivanov  
Phone: +7 845 277 32 97

Running one chain of algorithm on command

Tracker settings Creation of algorithms

The algorithm allows you to run not the entire algorithm, but a separate chain on command. This is convenient when you need to start an action on the tracker once, for example, turn on an LED or any executive device


Sending SMS with a link to a location in Google maps

Geofences Cellular

By the phone call request, the algorithm sends an SMS with a link to Google maps, which displays the last exact coordinates of the tracker. When there is no GPRS coverage, you can find out the location via GSM in a convenient format.


Connecting RFID-system ADM20/21

Periphery Identification
Partner Algorithm

The algorithm allows to integrate RFID-reader ADM20 and ADM21 Galileosky tags with trackers. This system identifies equipment at 100 meters.

Company: LocMe.ru 
Contact person: Alexander Ivanov
Phone: +7 845 277 32 97

SD card operating capability checking

Data Transfer Tracker settings

The algorithm starts playback of different audio files when the speed is exceeded by 60, 90 and 120 km / h.

Playing audio files when reaching the speed limits

ECO Driving

The algorithm starts playback of different audio files when the speed is exceeded by 60, 90 and 120 km / h.

Receiving CAN data from Renault Logan

Partner Algorithm

The algorithm automatically parses CAN-bus data from Renault Logan (from 2019 release).

Company: LocMe.ru
Contact person: Alexander Ivanov
Phone: +7 845 277 32 97

Control of refueling and fuel drains

Fuel control Transport

Troubleshooting displays information about the fact of refueling, or about unauthorized discharge. The user independently sets the necessary control parameters in order to determine the parameters as accurately as possible. 

Checking location within a circular geofence


The algorithm checks if the tracker is in the designated circular geofence. The user can use this template to create tracker reactions to exit the geofence or create several.

Checking location within a polygonal geofence


The algorithm checks if the tracker is in the specified polygonal geofence. Depending on the location in different geofences, the tracker opens different exits. To work with polygonal geofences, you need to create a kml.file, an example of which is attached to the archive.

Creation of characteristics for polygonal geofences

Geofences Tracker settings

The algorithm allows to display four parameters of one created geofence in troubleshooting. Following this example, the user can set characteristics for their own geofences. For example, speed limit, maximum permissible engine speed and others. To work with polygonal geofences, you need to create a kml.file , an example of which is attached to the archive.

Connecting a Canny PLC

Partner Algorithm

The algorithm allows to independently integrate (PLC) Canny with Galileosky. With the help of Canny PLC, the number of inputs and outputs it the tracker interfaces can be expanded to receive more data from external devices .

Company: LocMe.ru
Contact person: Alexander Ivanov
Phone: +7 845 277 32 97

Access to cargo only for authorized employees

Identification Tracker settings Transport

The algorithm allows to differentiate access to the door locking system for different users by iButton keys. 

Algorithm checks the state of trusted keys and if the attached key is the trusted one, opens the exit. If the key is not trusted, or not applied, the algorithm checks the administrator`s key. If the applied key is not trusted and is not administrator`s one, it fixes the violation and shows the diagnostic message.

Speed limits control depending on time and weather

ECO Driving Transport

By warning light iruyte speed vehicle according to indications of temperature and humidity sensors. Algorithm n Checks t availability flag rain, if there is no rain, verifiable t time. In the period from 8:00 to 22:00 the speed limit is 90 km / h, from 22:00 to 8:00 or there is a rain flag, the limit is 60 km / h.

Additional diagnostics when creating a script

Algorithm creation Diagnostics

Use the algorithm template when writing your script to ensure that the script you are working on is working correctly. 

The additional diagnostics function is enabled and disabled by diagnoston and diagnostoff commands if you make a mistake. Thus, you can make adjustments at a specific stage, and not look for errors in the finished script.

Data transmission over TCP/IP

Data Transfer Tracker settings

The algorithm transmits a packet to a server with support for external connections. It is helpful to use the solution when transferring data to a server that is not integrated with Galileosky trackers.

Energy saving setting

Tracker settings Cellular

The algorithm turns off GPS/GLONASS, GSM, Wi-Fi, Iridium modules 10 minutes after the vehicle stops. Thus, electricity consumption is reduced and saves battery and car charge.

Mileage control by ignition


The algorithm calculates how many kilometers the car has driven from the moment the ignition was turned on and off. Thus, you can create additional reporting on the number of trips, travel times and stops.

Receive Bluetooth messages

Peripherals Tracker settings Data Transfer

The algorithm allows to receive data from any Bluetooth sensors. Just enter certain data into the necessary blocks for integrating the sensor, load the algorithm into the unit. In order to transfer information from BLE sensor to the monitoring server, install the second algorithm "Send Bluetooth messages".

Send Bluetooth messages

Peripherals Tracker settings Data Transfer

The algorithm allows to record data received from BLE peripherals and transmit information to the monitoring server. To set data receiving from non-standard sensors, use the "Receive Bluetooth messages" algorithm.

GPS coordinates validation

Tracker settings Data Transfer Geofences

The algorithm allows to check if GPS coordinates are valid. This will help to avoid "jumps" of coordinates in previously known areas when GPS signal is blocked, as well as in tunnels or in remote areas. The algorithm determines how the current coordinates correspond to reality and cuts off those that are definitely an error.

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