Eco Driving

Save, prolong, prevent
Eco Driving

Prevent car accidents and violations, reward careful driving, reduce fuel expenses, avoid fines, and pay less for vehicles maintenance.

Use state-of-art Eco Driving solutions to:

How does Eco Driving work?

How does Eco Driving work?
  • Galileosky tracking device determines driving style by high-end built-in accelerometer
  • It does not matter how the device is positioned and where is installed
  • The system works reliably in any conditions, even in tunnels and mountainous areas
  • Each device is calibrated automatically to be installed in a car

Why Eco Driving by Galileosky?

Real-time driver notifications prevent traffic violations

Correct driving style online and receive reports

Any format alerts and reminders: SMS, audio, LED or other

Speed limits monitoring in different geofences

Make the device operate on your own scenario
Eco Driving
Drivers can control driving style in a free app
Eco Driving

Check how Eco Driving comes in handy for you:
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