Transport & Logistics

Cargo transportation

Create an efficient cargo delivery service with flexible settings.

Solve these issues with Galileosky:

How to protect cargo all way long?

How to fasten delivery and improve service level?

How to reduce fleet maintenance cost?

Get data of each truck performance. Use the on-board system, connect to the CAN-bus directly or integrate the device with external sensors.

Improve the delivery and transportation service quality by routes control, cargo authorization, vehicles and personnel identification.

Perishable, fragile, expensive. With care.


Be sure that the cargo remains safe all the way: from loading to unloading. Prevent theft, keep an eye on the temperature limits, and drive smoothly when carrying fragile goods.

  • Provide access to cargo to authorized personnel only
  • Take photos when cargo changes its’ weight
  • Receive data from the ref and maintain optimal temperature automatically
  • Control speed limits and record sharp turns, accelerations and harsh braking when fragile cargo is in the back
  • Notify the driver in case of entry into the cargo hold instantly

Plan, control and optimize routes

Earn more by controlling every mile travelled. Does the truck stick to the schedule? Does delivery arrive in time? How long does the road take and how to shorten it?

  • Get location data online
  • Monitor toll road mileage and route tracking
  • Create polygonal geofences to control the delivery
  • Reduce the number of idle runs and vehicle misuse

Stay connected with the driver. All way long


Create comfortable working environment for drivers and monitor their performance. Know about stops during the trip, control driving style, count work and rest hours and get ready to any unexpected situations.

  • Identify the driver with iButton and RFID tags
  • Start the engine after identification only
  • Connect to the tachograph. Monitor driving and resting hours
  • Control speeding: set various limits for different weather conditions
  • Let driver warm the car up on command from the smartphone
  • Set the voice communication up to keep driver and dispatcher in touch
  • Notify the dispatcher about speed violations, accidents, unauthorized stops or route deviations

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs


Watch how carefully drivers utilize their trucks. Do they react to errors raised? Do they check tire pressure regularly? Where and how much do they fill up?

  • Monitor tire pressure and prevent premature tire wear
  • Monitor refueling and prevent fuel drains
  • Prevent vehicles overloading
  • Notify driver and dispatcher about the need to check the cars’ condition
  • Record high engine speed driving, harsh braking, acceleration, cornering

What device to opt for?

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Galileosky 7x Plus

Leading edge GPS tracker with extensive capabilities. New-generation classics.

What Galileosky technologies are used?

Easy Logic. Get full control over your telematics solutions. Set the reactions to any events.

Eco Driving. Solution for economical, ecological and safe driving. Polygonal geo zoning and realtime updates.

CAN Scanner. Read any data transmitted via CAN-bus of any vehicle type quickly and easily.

Exigner. Display any data from GPS tracking devices on any smartphone or tablet in real time.

Why do top companies trust Galileosky?

The average service life of devices is 10 years
Less than of defect rate in company history
Expanded flexible functionality

How is Galileosky used in cargo transportation?

Sistema de seguimiento de transporte de carga en África

Constellation Tracking Solutions, uno de los integradores más importantes de Burundi, ayuda a controlar el estilo de conducción

Cargo management

Temperature level monitoring to keep products fresh

Corporate transport monitoring

Innovative telematics for reliable logistics

Transportation conditions control and fuel monitoring

Refrigerator management to maintain the freshness of products

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