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Easy Logic School

Easy Logic three-step training program will allow you to master the technology: from the basics to creating codes in the programming language.
Easy Logic Basic

Online course for self-study. You’ll gain the knowledge required for a quick start in the technology application

Easy Logic Practic

A practical online course, where you’ll learn how to create any Easy Logic algorithms

Easy Logic Expert

The face-to-face course is created for advanced technology users

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Online courses

GS Advantages

For sales managers, who are into GPS monitoring

15 topics

The online course will be useful for fleet management provider managers and anyone who wants to be familiar with the equipment, learn about high-end technologies, tools and Galileosky benefits in monitoring.

  1. What do you need to know about Galileosky?
  2. For what exclusive technologies Galileosky are remarkable?
  3. What useful functions and capabilities of Galileosky can be used in projects?
  4. What technical features of the equipment you need to know about?
  5. How to implement more projects with Galileosky?

Step-by-step video course from basic CAN knowledge to professional CAN data parsing skills

Online video course
10 topics

A series of short CAN Pro videos to master the CAN Scanner tool. You’ll understand how to find any CAN data of any vehicle and transfer it to the server.

We will start from the very basics about the CAN-bus. We’ll talk about the features of data searching with different protocols. After that we’ll move on to the advanced solutions analysis.

  1. What is CAN bus? Tech specs and interfaces
  2. Galileosky features for working with CAN-bus
  3. What to start with: how to configure the device to work with the CAN bus?
  4. How to work with standard j1939, FMS and j1979 protocols?
  5. What is the principle of doors position data parsing in CAN-bus?
  6. How to find RPM data and gas pedal position?
  7. What features are there when looking for mileage?
  8. How to find the fuel level in the CAN-bus?
  9. Send commands to the CAN-bus. Ways to use remote control

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