Multiplied by three: How to manage vehicles and fleet employees quickly and on budget with the Galileosky technology

17 December 2021

Telematics tasks are becoming more and more complex every year: companies are expanding their requirements for monitoring, vehicle control and logistics systems. Simple fuel monitoring is a popular task on the telematics market, we have already covered this before. Customers increasingly call on integrators with a request to not only control the cargo, but also monitor the driver.

Galileosky actively develops the Easy Logic technologyCAN Scanner and Eco Driving tools to enable our partners to extend the functionality of the implemented systems remotely and in a very short time. 

Virtual driver assistant: GeoTek’s case study

A system of the driving quality monitoring analyzes the personal driving style of each driver and helps the company create an objective rating of employees, tied to motivation and remuneration. This evaluation approach disciplines drivers, and employees become interested in honest and effective work and in caring about the company vehicles. For example, an oilfield services company operating in Kazakhstan, often faced the situation when drivers exceeded driving speed limits, unbuckled seat belts, changed driving routes and committed other violations after leaving the production sites of the company.

GeoTek's experts have developed a system with a virtual instructor, who responds to the deviations from the set parameters of machinery control by means of voice notifications: errors reports and their correction monitoring. The system has also created an employee rating. It takes into account the data on the driver's behavior while driving, monitors compliance with the traffic rules and other parameters. All data is clearly illustrated in the reports. This information helps to conduct explanatory conversations, to make the processes of bonus, depreciation, and dismissal transparent.

If you are facing a similar task, you can use ready algorithms from our library. There you will find a special section on Eco Driving.

Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager
Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager

«The Easy Logic and Eco Driving technologies actually complement each other, and their combination makes it possible to expand the tracking devices’ functionality and make them more flexible for different customer needs. The Eco Driving technology makes it possible to monitor the quality of driving, while Easy Logic allows the driver to be notified in real time of violations and parameterize the limit readings for each vehicle. So, customers can not only know the location of the vehicle, but also monitor parameters such as fuel level, driving style, whether the driver's seat belt is fastened, etc. In turn, a unique technology CAN Scanner was released later, but became the world's first stand-alone tool on board the GPS-tracker, allowing to work with the CAN-bus faster and easier. CAN Scanner became the data preparation tool for Easy Logic».

A comprehensive data collection system for a construction materials carrier: ICU's case study

Thecarriers of road construction materials often need the data that provides an objective assessment of the work efficiency of the fleet and the employee compensation.

The ICU analysts have implemented a comprehensive data collection system for a company with a fleet of the CAT construction equipment.

The customer's quarry equipment spends from 4 liters of fuel per hour of idling, that's about 20 liters per day. Multiplied by 25 working days, we get 500 liters of fuel a month for one machine. This is 25,500 rubles, with the price of 51 rubles per liter of the diesel fuel.

ICU experts have also revealed that some machines accumulate up to 100 inefficient moto-hours per month due to idling. The maintenance schedule for quarry equipment also includes service works every 250 hours with obligatory oil changes.

The CAT D6R bulldozer engine requires 26 liters of oil, and the hydraulic system requires 76 liters of oil. In addition to the oil price of 51,000 rubles you need to add the work of specialists and the cost of downtime of equipment during its maintenance. With all the expense items taken into account, one moto-hour costs 300 rubles. Multiply this by 100 moto-hours and get a savings of 30,000 rubles per month on one machine. Add to this figure hourly pay for the operator of equipment and rental fees if the machine is in the lease. By reducing idle time and increasing productivity of only one CAT bulldozer from 56% to 95%, the ICU customer has saved more than 56,000 rubles. If you multiply that result by 10 unproductive machines in the fleet, you get a savings of half a million monthly!

In our special video course, you can learn all the secrets of working with CAN, and passing training you can get a certificate CAN Pro. Also use the library of ready-made algorithms. 

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