How to use Easy Logic for fuel control?

07 December 2021

Telematics tasks are becoming increasingly complex every year: companies are expanding their requirements for monitoring and controlling transport and logistics solutions. Galileosky has developed the Easy Logic technology to enable the integrators to modify the functionality of the implemented systems remotely and in a noticeably short time.

Easy Logic is a tool for graphical programming of Galileosky tracking devices and remote change of the system logic.

Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager:
Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager:

«We developed the Easy Logic technology in 2015. The key advantage of the tool is the ease of programming the telematics systems based on Galileosky tracking devices. Easy Logic is intuitive to work with, and the device scenarios it allows you to configure are limitless. We are constantly introducing the new features to our tracking devices (hub technology, BLE, etc.) and we always run these functions via Easy Logic».

Easy Logic technology is available to everyone who uses Galileosky tracking devices. In order for our partners to benefit as much as possible from the use of Easy Logic - we have developed a training course, expert materials, and the catalog of algorithms.

Easy Logic is at the fuel watch

Fuel draining is a fairly regular situation. Each case can cost the company several tens of thousands of rubles. The drains entail high costs for companies with a large fleet.

«Success Story» by Trans-Control-Service

A large oilfield services company needed a technological and inexpensive solution to prevent fuel thefts on large trucks that stop at unguarded parking lots.

Back in 2018, the oilfield service company's fleet of vehicles was equipped with Galileosky tracking devices for route monitoring and fuel control. The customer knew that the system could be expanded with Easy Logic and modernized with a sound notification system for drivers and dispatcher when fuel is discharged.

Trans-Control-Service experts have implemented the notification system in the shortest period and without any additional costs for the customer, as it was only necessary to connect a single wire to the regular sound signal relay. The system improvements are now deterring the intruders and reporting the drivers on the theft promptly.

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If you solve a similar problem, use the short video instruction on how to connect the speaker to the Galileosky tracking device.

You can find more ready-made algorithms in the Easy Logic Algorithm Library.

«Success Story» by Exzotron Technology

Exzotron Technology has developed the Easy Logic fuel accounting system for fuel distribution warehouses to monitor the movement of fuel volume. The system allows you to design structures of fuel distribution columns and tanks, which are grouped and combined into many structures and tanks into a single fuel and lubricant warehouse.

With the help of the new mechanism, it is possible to combine separate structures of fuel reception and dispensing, as well as a set of tanks with fuel and lubricants into a single whole. The new methodology makes it possible to identify both emergency situations in the operation of equipment along the entire chain and situations related to fuel theft instantly.

In this project Galileosky tracking devices are responsible for receiving, processing, and transmitting all the data to the Exzotron server. The created solution is a modern complex control system "Autonomous filling" for dispensing of fuel and integrated accounting at departmental filling stations and fuel supply vehicles with control of fuel movement at the enterprise.

Exzotron Technology often uses Easy Logic in the projects. The company's experts have created a fuel algorithm to work in transaction mode, an algorithm for driver identification by cell phone call, and an algorithm for setting fuel dispensing limits on the Exzotron fuel dispenser. All of them can be found in the Easy Logic Algorithm Library.

Read the full case

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