The system of sound alerts about the theft of fuel

The integrator has implemented a technological and cost-effective solution for fuel theft real-time monitoring at a large oilfield service company.

Fuel draining is a regular situation. Each case can cost the company several tens of thousands of rubles. The drains entail high costs for companies with a large fleet. The integrator has implemented a technological and cost-effective solution for fuel theft real-time monitoring at a large oilfield service company.

Development background

One of the oilfield services companies has appealed to experts after the following case: about 400 liters of fuel were drained from the tanks of DAF trucks during the night at the unguarded parking lot. The drivers have discovered the loss of fuel only in the morning.

The fleet of the oilfield service company was equipped with Galileosky tracking devices in 2018 for route monitoring and fuel control. After some cases of fuel theft at night - the customer decided to implement a system of sound notification of drivers and dispatcher about the fuel drainage. Integrator experts have implemented the notification system in the shortest period and without any additional costs for the customer.

The project was implemented using the Easy Logic technology and Galileosky tracking devices configuration.

Project tasks

To connect sound signaling to the vehicles notifying about the fuel draining in real time.


It often happens when the trucks drive in the places with no GSM-signal, so it is impossible to configure the system on the server. Integrator experts have used the Easy Logic technology. They have developed an algorithm that allows to monitor the status of vehicles at the time of towing or when the autonomous (heating) system is on. Two indicators - speed control and engine operation - are taken into account at once, so the system does not record false drains. 

Galileosky tracking device receives and processes the data without server and GSM communication: it sends commands to a relay and turns a sound alert on. The information about the triggering of the system is transmitted to the software. The system, firstly, scares away intruders and, secondly, timely notifies drivers about the theft.


Two years ago, the client equipped 28 DAF trucks with Galileosky tracking devices to have a flexible and customizable transport control system. In this project, we have expanded the functionality of the existing system. The solution turned out to be simple and budget-friendly for the customer. The client had previously installed Galileosky devices, as he was interested not only in cargo tracking, but also in expanding the system's capabilities with Easy Logic.


Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

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