How to eliminate fuel thefts of at storages and gas stations?

The integrator used Galileosky devices to develop a comprehensive fuel control system at mobile fuel tankers and distribution fuel stations.

Project background

It is a well-known way to use a fuel level sensor to obtain data about the volume of fuel in the tank to keep an eye on consumed fuel and its cost. Such a method helps to detect thefts when refueling but does not allow to monitor drains via the intake fuel line while the vehicle is in motion. Thus, in one trip, fleet owners can lose up to 40 liters of fuel.

Integrator have solved this problem and installed an additional sensor to parse fuel consumption data straight from the engine. The system collects data from fuel level sensors, from a flow meters (fuel consumption indicators), from injectors via the CAN-bus. Based on data from various sources, a report with fuel consumption graphs and diagrams is generated automatically. Dynamic graphs comparison makes it possible to assess how evenly fuel is consumed. When graphs dynamics is stable and there are no obvious deviations, then – there were no drains, but if indicators diverge then there is a reason to claim, that fuel is drained.

Integrators applied this approach to control fuel volumes at fixed assets - at fuel storages. In this case study we will tell you how the solution was designed.


  • Develop a system for fuel and lubricants accounting at distribution warehouses.
  • Control the volume of consumed and stored fuel:  (arrival-transfer, consumption by equipment).
  • Develop mechanisms that will allow access to pouring fuel according to fuel card set limit.
  • Get and analyze combined graphs and diagrams of fuel income and dispenses products and fuels at distribution warehouses.
  • Develop mechanisms for API integration with leading monitoring systems, in order to create reports about fuel supply to vehicle tanks.


The integrator team has created a cloud-based control system to keep an eye on fuel income and its transfer to all vehicles on the enterprise. Data about the fuel level and consumption from storages is sent to the monitoring system and is clearly displayed in tables and graphics. The system algorithm makes it possible to compare fuel usage via the analysis of received and consumed fuel. Moreover, the system displays updated readings from the FLS, installed in the fuel storage tank.

The system also includes mechanisms to design fuel-distributing dispensers and containers, which helps to group and combine many dispensers into a one fuel storage.

For example, in the fuel storage there are 3 barrels with a volume of 20 cubic meters, 3 diesel dispensers and 1 high-speed dispenser for pour fuel in large volumes. Thanks to the new mechanism, it is possible to combine separate units for receiving and dispensing fuel, as well as a set of containers with fuel into one big storage. The new method makes it possible to identify emergencies, malfunctions in the equipment performance and situations associated with fuel theft.

Experts manage to implement the following functions with Galileosky trackers

  • a series of modular algorithms for unloading fuel within the set limit on the card
  • the exact remote fuel poring limit control
  • displaying information about the limit on the screen


As part of the Exzotron Bot service, Galileosky devices support online access control mode. This makes it possible to exclude preliminary fuel unloading as well as writing to the tracker memory card the list of all fuel cards and limits of fuel pouring on the cards.

After identifying the access card, the device independently requests and receives information about the fuel pouring parameters on the server. This opportunity is especially relevant when it comes to hundreds and thousands of fuel recipients.


During 2021 more than 300 Galileosky devices have already been connected to the Exzotron Bot server. More than 200 Telegram users, 171 companies, more than 8000 fuel cards are registered in the service.

You can use similar solutions in your projects. The potential of Galileosky tracking devices is large. More than 1mln devices operate in systems ranging from passenger transport control, oil and gas industry monitoring, mining and others. - transport, ships, sports cars and even weather stations are under Galileosky devices control.

Would you like to tell about your own interesting project? Send us your story or share a news story with the Galileosky manager. We will jointly prepare a case and tell the professional community about it.

Galileosky devices in this project are responsible for receiving, processing and transmitting all data to the Exzotron server. This solution is not just a monitoring system, but a modern integrated control system "Autonomous loading" for fuel dispensing on the gas stations without the operator.

Exzotron Bot is a multi-purpose cloud WEB service based on the latest advanced features in software development for creating a network of self-service gas stations.

Pay attention that this complex solution can be integrated with your current monitoring systems. It will just expand the whole range of services by integrator companies: from fuel control on vehicles to monitoring the entire fuel chain at the whole enterprise.


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Galileosky 7x

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