Easy Logic Practic Online Course Switches to the New Format

04 August 2022

The Easy Logic Practic online course has become even more accessible. If previously, anyone who wanted to improve their knowledge and get a certificate of completion of the course, had to apply in advance, and connect to the lesson at the appointed time, then now it all becomes much easier. All the lessons of the Easy Logic Practic course are now available in 11 capacious videos, which you can watch whenever it's convenient for you.

The course includes: peculiarities of algorithms application on different tracking device models, work with different function blocks, user array application, examples of counters overload protection, work with geofences, niche actions, work with the CAN bus and recommendations on the algorithms structure.

The videos are already available at the Easy Logic School and on our YouTube channel.

At the end of the course you can take a test. To do this, send a free-form request to You will be sent test tasks to check your knowledge of the Practic course.

After you have successfully completed them, the Galileosky representative will contact you and offer you the time to pass the online test.

After passing the test, you will get the Easy Logic Practic certificate, which can upgrade the status of your company in the partnership program and open the access to the Expert course.

The Practic certificate is valid for three years. To confirm it after the term expires, all you need to do is to send a request to the technical support for a test task and send your solutions.

The three-step Easy Logic training program - Basic, Practic, Expert - allows you to master the technology to perfection: from the basics to the writing the scripts in the programming language.


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