Global Position integrator has created a universal system for transport security

Global Position was tasked by the customer to equip the new rolling stock with a system that would monitor the drivers' work and their condition at the wheel, which would reduce the number of pedestrian collisions.

At the beginning of April the transport reform started in one of the largest cities. The main objective of the new model is a transition to a fundamentally new unified standard of transport service quality. All route cabs in the city that did not meet safety requirements were replaced by comfortable buses within the reform.

Development background

Two years ago, Global Position already integrated the Mobileye accident prevention system into Galileosky tracking devices. It was connected to the CAN-bus, collected data about traffic events and sent it to the monitoring system with the help of Easy Logic. The customer's objective was the transportation safety in the context of ADAS, which prevent accidents, and DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems), which monitors the condition of the driver. The integrator managed to combine information from the two devices which are needed to solve safety issues in transport telematics, in Galileosky trackers.

Project tasks

  1. Reducing the number of accidents involving pedestrians (due to the Mobileye and Cipia systems symbiosis)
  2. Monitoring the quality of public transport drivers
  3. Reducing the number of false positives in determining the quality of the driver’s work
  4. Versatility of transport security monitoring system
  5. Easy installation and handling of the system


Global Position engineers based the system on Galileosky 7x because it has two CAN outputs. One was connected to the vehicle's CAN bus, and the second was connected directly to the ADAS system. The RS232 port, which is also available in 7x devices, made it possible to connect Cipia.

The main criterion when choosing a DMS is a low rate of false alarms. Specialists have tested many different systems on the market. Cipia, in turn, can not only detect any violations by external signs but it also adapts to the driver and his behavior. The integrator managed to equip the buses with a universal system.

The set which consists of Galileosky 7x, ADAS Mobileye and Cipia covers the need in transport security by 90%.

Global Position Specialist
Global Position Specialist

«The process was complicated. For Mobileye, we created our own algorithm in Easy Logic. We turned to Galileosky engineers to integrate Cipia, because we realized that it was impossible for us to meet the deadline. Two codes are now loaded in Configurator when it is opened, allowing us to correctly parse the data».


About 30 buses are equipped now. It is planned to equip about 200 more big city buses by the end of the year.

Wialon is used as monitoring software, but any monitoring system can be used in this solution. All data processing is carried out inside the Galileosky 7x device, and only after that all data goes to the monitoring software.

The first results showed that the information is adapted to the needs of each company, and the customer can build a certain system of drivers' performance assessment independently.

Global Position Specialist
Global Position Specialist

«We started to develop this case with the Galileosky device and implemented the solution in three sectors of transport telematics which were natural resource mining, passenger transportation and transportation of light oils. The universal integrated system that we created can be put in any vehicle and will start working immediately. It is also possible to implement any monitoring software».


Galileosky 7x

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Galileosky 7x LTE Cat 1

Multifunctional tracker with LTE and 3G support for advanced fleet management.

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You can use the similar solutions in your projects. The capacity to implement Galileosky tracking devices is very large. More than 1,000,000 tracking devices are used in different systems from passenger transport monitoring, oil and gas monitoring, mining, and others. Galileosky devices control land vehicles, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

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