Galileosky and ITLINE joint solution made public transport more accessible to people with special need

ITLINE is one of the leading manufacturers of the electronic LED displays for vehicles. The company has developed a system for digitalization of pub-lic transport with the Galileosky tracking devices.

The project was implemented where the Accessible Environment program operates. According to the program, the public transport fleet should be equipped with an automatic system for notifying passengers about the route and the stops of transport so that each passenger can navigate easily while moving.

Development background

The ITLINE developers have equipped the public transport with the system that includes the Galileosky 7x tracking devices, the sound module, and the information board. The system is designed to collect and transmit data on vehicle movements, inform passengers about the route of buses visually (via information board) and audibly (via speakers).

Project tasks

  • Develop a system that meets the requirements of the Accessible Environment program
  • Introduce the system in a cost-effective manner, without any additional costs to upgrade the vehicle fleet.
  • Provide collection and transmission of data on the movement of urban transport, to create a system of voice and text notification of passengers about the movement of buses


The system for public transport developed by the ITLINE company includes the information board with the information about the start and the end of the route, with the data about the exact time, the current date, the air temperature, as well as the additional text messages.

The system is configured with the following process of data collection, processing and transmission:

  • The system receives and synchronizes data about the date and time of transport movement via GLONASS satellite systems.
  • The data on the temperature outside and inside the bus comes to the system from the sensors, which are connected to the information board in the cabin or directly to the Galileosky tracking device.
  • The information board for the text messages (about the safety rules in the transport and the stops) is installed in the cabin of the bus. The information is repeated with a voice announcement.

ITLINE has also implemented a solution for the bus stops which have been equipped with the information boards that provide the information on the routes and real-time schedule of transport. The information board of the stop receives the data from the Galileosky tracking devices from the buses' cabins.

This information is also displayed with an audio announcement (via the loudspeaker), as the data is updated. It uses the sound duplication module. This is convenient for passengers who are impaired visually or hearing, as well as for tourists who do not know the city well and use the public transport.

System implementation

The ITLINE specialists connected the information board to the Galileosky 7X tracking device (the integration of Galileosky and ITLINE products was preconfigured). The audio notifications in the system are configured via the Configurator software (built into the Galileosky tracker device).

The peripheral operation algorithm was created using the Easy Logic graphical programming language (the Galileosky technology). The algorithm can be downloaded from the Easy Logic library.


The public transport fleet is now equipped with a system that allows passengers to navigate in the traffic flow.


  1. To implement the system, there was no need to upgrade the vehicle fleet with the new tracking devices: the solution was implemented on the base of the previously installed Galileosky trackers. This made it possible to reduce the cost of implementing the system.
  2. The carrier's public transport now meets the requirements of the Accessible Environment program.
  3. The carrier has increased the recognition of the transport: thanks to the electronic information board it can be seen at any time of day and in poor visibility conditions.


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