Who uses Iridium tracking units?

18 November 2020

What kind of projects require Iridium trackers? When is the purchase justified? Is it always possible to use regular GPS devices? Instead of describing the advantages of the tracker, it is better to turn to real examples. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you about our partners’ experience.

100% worldwide coverage

According to the GSM Association 84% of the global mobile market falls on this GSM standard in 219 countries around the world. However, despite the fact that telecom operators are installing more stations expanding the network coverage area, there are still areas with unstable signal or even its absence. This is a significant issue for companies or projects where it is critical to obtain data regarding equipment location and performance.

For example,  a company uniting all geologic exploration enterprises, installs trackers with Iridium satellite module on their equipment. It allows to carry out geological exploration to obtain operational data about the crew location and vehicle status in the absence of GSM coverage.

Communication via Iridium channel allows to transfer data from anywhere in the world. For companies, those engaged in ore, oil and gas extraction and carrying out long-distance transportation, using Iridium devices is the only opportunity to maintain stable communication with the crew and receive information about equipment performance wherever it is located.

People living in the Arctic area without any other way to communicate keep in touch via Iridium. At the same time, the region is in active development. As for oil products, food, and industrial goods transportation, vehicles are equipped with satellite monitoring devices with the Iridium channel communication option.

Additional guarantee of people’s safety

Iridium trackers are installed on the equipment of the Silk Road international rally marathon to ensure the safety of race participants. Race routes are often located outside the GSM coverage. Organizers need to keep in touch with the crew to immediately call a rescue team in case of emergency or technical issues. Data transmission guarantee is at the forefront when it comes to choosing a monitoring device.

In tourism transportation Iridium is used for the same reason. For example, it can be applied in long-distance hikes to control the location of the group and allows to communicate anywhere in the world. This type of network is the most reliable. Moreover, the device is able to automatically send an emergency message to the base if something happens to the group or equipment.

Reducing risks of expensive equipment loss or damage

It is much more profitable to install trackers with Iridium satellite module rather than to compensate for losses in case of expensive equipment breakages. For example, such costs can be several million dollars.

Private owners of small vessels, yachts, boats also install Iridium devices to monitor their own expensive property: to transmit coordinates from anywhere in the world, receive information about the location and know that their property is safe.

Stable data transmission

There are regions where the cost of cellular communication is slightly less than the cost of Iridium, for example, in Kuwait or Zambia. In these regions, the cost of mobile operator services is approximately $75 for a standard package. In addition, the connection is sometimes unstable. In such cases, it is more useful to install devices with Iridium module, which guarantees uninterrupted data transmission.

Why is Galileosky Base Black Iridium better than others?

One of the Base Block Iridium advantages is the ability to control the switching between GSM and Iridium modules, therefore, saving costs for satellite communications. It is possible to set up the data transmission via Iridium satellite automatically on an event, schedule, changing a parameter or by a geofence.

Moreover, additional devices can be connected to Base Block Iridium via RS 485, RS 232 and 1-Wire interfaces, with the help of Easy Logic technology you can create any algorithms for device operation, including performing as a programmable controller on stationary objects.

Base Black Iridium supports the CAN Scanner tool that allows you to receive any data from any vehicle CAN-bus. Therefore, it is possible to monitor the operation of the equipment and, in cases of deviations, receive instant information about the error wherever the object is.

If you need to choose a device for a unique project with the non-standard tasks, when the safety of people depends on stable signal, when it is necessary to control the operation of special equipment or when there is no cellular coverage, the most suitable solution is Iridium.

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