Silk Road Rally


In 2019, another stage of Silk Road international rally took place. It has been held since 2009. This year, Galileosky Base Block Iridium trackers were installed on the press service and technical support cars of the ISF RACING team.


The devices were installed a Galileosky partner with extensive experience in implementing transport monitoring solutions of different complexity. They chose Base Block Iridium because this device has a module for transmitting coordinates in the absence of cellular communication. Iridium is the only satellite communication system in the world that provides high quality data transmission with 100% coverage of the Earth's surface. In the absence of GSM coverage, the device automatically connects the Iridium satellite module, which guarantees uninterrupted data transfer to the server. As soon as the GSM connection is restored, the satellite module goes offline, which significantly saves the cost of satellite communication. “Wialon Hosting” advanced system was used as the software.


Base Block Iridium

Data transmission via Iridium satellite communication with 100% worldwide coverage.


100% Earth coverage
10 days on the way

When the race team sees where the car is, it is easy to lead the process and make decisions in an emergency situation. Rally participants sometimes find themselves outside GSM coverage. 99% percent of the equipment does not work in such conditions. That is why Galileosky devices were chosen. The ICW Racing team represented BEIJING FOTON CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY (BFCEC), China's largest manufacturer of trucks, buses, sports cars and agricultural machinery.

The race route took place in steppe roads of Mongolia, Chinese plains and Sands of the Gobi Desert. Rally participants had finished on July 16 in picturesque Dunhuang, the city at the foot of high dunes.

The race had periodically went beyond the boundaries of GSM coverage. After consulting with suppliers, integrator have decided to use a system with the ability to work through the Iridium satellite module.
The project was implemented completely and the tasks set by the management of the team were completed on time. Thanks to the installed equipment Galileosky, the rally crew and mobile vehicles were constantly monitored online from any device with Internet access from anywhere in the world.


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