The monitoring system in northern latitudes allowed the owners of the icebreaker to keep track of the location, speed and course. The high degree of equipment protection, the ability to install the control unit in a place convenient for the crew, and stable operation in the harshest conditions tells of the reliability of the solution based on the Galileosky tracker.

The percentage of missed reports was 0.5% (23 reports out of 4237 were lost). The monitoring stability of the Galileosky Base Block Iridium Marine Kit is close to 100%, the equipment operated at temperatures of -39 C, when other standard equipment failed. The declared range of -45 C ... +85 of Galileosky equipment operation has passed one more test in extreme conditions.

In two months, the vessel made 6 voyages.

The cost of monitoring per month for the transmission of reports every 20 minutes was: 31 days * 72 reports per day * 13 bytes (the length of one report) = 29016 bytes, which fits into the standard SBD-30 tariff plan, like equipment from other manufacturers. The position report contains coordinates, course, speed and time stamp and is 13 bytes long.

Now the integrator company specialists control the device remotely, via the GSM channel at special telematic rates of 150 2$ / month. This slightly increases the cost of monitoring, but allows to diagnose, maintain and update the device software remotely. As CEO at the integrator company notes, the possibility of remote control in the modern world is an incomparable advantage.

You can use similar solutions in your projects. The potential of the devices is great; they are used anywhere on Earth. Galileosky devices control water transport, sports cars, seismic all-terrain vehicles and even weather stations.

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