How to convince a customer to buy a Pro telematics solution?

21 June 2021

In this article, you will learn what are the powerful arguments to use while negotiating with a customer, how much money companies save with telematics, and what are the key factors to determine the project investments efficiency.

The most striking argument is to show what results have companies already achieved after they decided to test modern technologies in their fleet. It is obvious that money is one of the main drivers in the B2B, so it is better to focus on how much companies are saving with telematics. Show examples where together with visual financial benefit, customers saved such resources as: employee time and efforts, improved safety at work and during transportation stage.

What are the benefits of modern monitoring systems? Reports for tracking performance dynamics, predictive analytics, energy resources metering, employee schedule monitoring and remote control. To take asunder, these functions can give a tangible result, but a comprehensive solution based on high-end equipment will leave no reason to doubt about the real benefits of the monitoring system.

ROI 380% & and $ 250K saved

NetPro from Myanmarset up a monitoring system to obtain data on engine performance, operating modes, fuel consumption and tracking the excavators movement. Moreover, specialists used cameras to confirm facts, received from the telematics system. These comprehensive measures led to idling reduction by 70%. Here are the real savings. Let's calculate the fuel consumption only:

ROI indicator, return on investment, in this project was 380% and this is during one year only. The monitoring system, which is installed on the customer's equipment, will work for more than several years, since the declared service life of the trackers is 10 years.

ROI 1150%

Have a look at one more impressive result. The dramatic ROI was achieved by a seismic exploration company. The monitoring system controls more than 1000 vehicles in different countries. Employees’ salaries and fuel consumption thresholds of all-terrain vehicles were calculated on the basis of the waybills. They were filled by the drivers. Obviously, they were highly interested to write down the incorrect mileage, more than the real one.

When there is no structured control it is easy to make false documents and cheat the employer.  Therefore, the company was seeking for the solution that would help identify inconsistencies, increase the efficiency documentation analysis processes, optimize fleet maintenance costs and achieve full compliance with work plans.

Here is how specialists implemented the system: the waybills from drivers are imported into 1C system and data from the telematics device is analyzed at the same time. Two figures are compared: the mileage by Galileosky unit and by the waybill from the crew. The system highlights lines where the difference is abnormally large and is strong enough to be the reason for internal investigation.

In a fleet of 1000 cars, 20 identified inconsistencies are already a tangible result. But if they manage to eliminate the cause of regular inconsistencies, then it is the best way to save even more. Where to save on? - On fuel, on the vehicle resource and it’s maintenance costs, on mechanics efforts and spare parts. Moreover, it helps to maintain a good reputation and protect your company from the danger to have a broken car in the middle of nowhere. Now let's calculate the ROI:

Real case studies, with reports and calculated results, is the main key to prove the viability and effectiveness of advanced telematics.

What are the factors of the investments effectiveness?

However, with equal investments, the final ROI for companies of the same industry and a vehicle fleet of the same size may differ. Here are the key factors to consider when designing a new monitoring system:

Current situation in the vehicle fleet

When meeting a customer, your aim is to find out how control is organized in the company. How is the enterprise productivity accounting arranged? How the resorts representative enough? How deeply the details are analyzed and is it convenient for the client? Evaluate how the business processes are built in the organization and try to understand what the client's approach is to running business.

Fleet managers engagement

Do you involve the end customer representative to help you speed up the development, installation and debugging of the solution? Moreover, assistance at these stage of audit, problems diagnostics and the vehicle fleet assessment will allow to get a deeper study of the project and take into account all blind spots.

Integrator skills

Can you customize the solution? How many times did you refuse a client due to a lack of experience in a new challenge, equipment, knowledge or specialists?

With the new partner program you can attend regular training courses, feel the benefits of technical support that we provide and work with your personal project engineer during all stages of project implementation.

Our aim is to help you master Galileosky equipment and technologies, so that instead of “It’s impossible” you would answer the client “let's try it!”. Remember that the efficiency of customized solution is higher than from plug-and-play one.

When communicating with the customer, ask more open questions and do not dwell only on symptomatic problem treatment, offer advanced solutions. Help to identify and understand management problems. This will allow you to be more competitive on the market and keep abreast on the pulse of innovative technologies.

Need help? Contact us and experts will help you choose the equipment.

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