Improving the efficiency of seismic exploration

The largest geophysical company, controls more than 1000 vehicles with Galileosky devices.

The centralization of data in the monitoring system has allowed to control the work in accordance with the plan, and to increase the efficiency of business processes and reduce the maintenance cost by automating and optimizing the equipment fleet.

Project background

The company performs seismic surveys to search for oil and gas fields in regions with minimal infrastructure. Modern market requirements require all project participants to have a single information monitoring system. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to get data from equipment that works in remote places within impassable areas where mobile communication is not present.


The fleet management provider offered innovative telematics solutions based on Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub GPS devices with access point function. The provider has equipped with devices more than 1000 units of complex specialized mobile and stationary equipment: cars and trucks, snowmobiles, excavators, heavy all-terrain vehicles, diesel power plants and more and connected each to the advanced Wialon monitoring system.

Devices that are equipped with a Wi-Fi module collect data from each machine and transmit it to the server. In places where there is no GSM coverage, the devices collect data into internal memory and transmit it on their return to the base. Meanwhile, in addition to the Wi-Fi module, most of the equipment is supplied with an access point function, in order to collect data from its own vehicle as well as other equipment. This allows to optimize mileage and, therefore, fuel consumption, since in these conditions, not every vehicle is required to return to the base for data transmission. The regularity of transmissions is determined separately for each project, depending on the number of units, type of terrain and weather conditions.

The devices transmit information not only about the location of the equipment but also about the drivers for whom the provider has set up identification by iButton keys. The Wialon platform collects information about start and finish times, daily mileage, track and activities during the day, including driving style and violations. A flexible driver monitoring system allowed the company to compare actual data with trip reports, reducing mileage discrepancies to 0-3% as well as fleet maintenance costs.

In addition, integrators have connected fuel level sensors to control the flow rate, refills and prevent drains. The dispatcher uploads data for a specific period and sees the time, place of refueling or unauthorized actions. The dispatcher easily compares the actual fuel consumption with the one recorded by the driver. This kind of control has allowed the company to save more than 260 million rubles per season.




1000 machines are under control
30% less maintenance costs

The provider also solved the issue of finding and recording inconsistencies between 1C: UAT and BSMTS by integrating the monitoring system with the 1C program.

As a result of the introduction of a unified monitoring system, the company has reduced fuel costs and fleet maintenance by more than 30%, has automated and optimized internal processes, minimized the risk factor and increased the overall business efficiency.

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