Galileosky tracking devices for drivers' sobriety monitoring

PSI Mining has developed a drivers' sobriety monitoring system with the possibility to control the well-being of each employee during the work shift. The solution was created for a gold mining company. It is based on the Galileosky tracking devices and Dräger Interlock alcohol interlocks.

The trend toward safer operation of industrial vehicles is actively evolving around the world. New systems and solutions are being developed to reduce the risks both for people and machinery. Companies are interested in installing the systems to monitor the drivers' behavior while driving. Besides monitoring fatigue, medical mask wearing, and responding to distractions, drivers’ sobriety remains an important objective. The fines for drunk driving are enormous, and the consequences of accidents have a negative impact on the environment and on people's lives and health.

Development background

The PSI Mininig integrator was approached by a gold mining company with the request to develop a multifunctional system for remote monitoring of special-purpose vehicles with the possibility of monitoring the drivers' well-being. After a successful pilot project, the customer decided to equip a large part of the fleet with alcohol interlocks.

Project tasks

  1. Remote monitoring of the fleet.
  2. Minimizing the negative consequences of employees' alcohol intoxication during the cargo transportation.
  3. Ensuring the drivers, transport and cargo safety.
  4. Automated generation of reports and schedules.


The company location has led to the customer's requirements to ensure the stable operation of the system in severe climatic conditions: low temperature conditions, the remoteness of the company's infrastructure facilities from each other, the absence of GSM-connection.

The PSI Mininig developers have created a vehicle monitoring and driver's sobriety control system based on the Galileosky Wi-Fi Hub tracking devices. 

The tracking device was installed on a fuel supply vehicle, that cyclically moves between the production sites, collects data from the equipment via Wi-Fi, and after returning to the GSM coverage area, transmits the data to the server.

In the PSI Mininig solution, the Dräger Interlock alcohol interlock provides the protection against falsification of the results of the alcohol intoxication test, as well as the fatigue monitoring system, which, at the onboard controller's signal, will record the video of the employee's test.

The Dräger Interlock experts have explained that the handheld unit of the alcohol interlock has an additional temperature sensor, which determines that it is exactly the human exhalation. A humidity sensor detects that the air is coming from the body and not from a pump or an air balloon. The pressure sensor records the continuity of the exhalation. On the one hand, this system complicates the driver testing process because the total exhaled volume is 1.2 liters. However, it provides a precise data and protects from any manipulations. The system has a built-in possibility to perform a re-test: the device requests a re-test at certain intervals.


The system developed by the PSI Mininig experts is a package solution aimed at fuel accounting at the customer's company, remote vehicle monitoring via the server and improvement of driving safety. The key devices of the system are Galileosky Wi-Fi Hub tracking devices, Dräger Interlock alcohol interlocks and driver fatigue monitoring system. 

The developed Easy Logic-based script receives the data from the alcohol interlock and sends a signal to the fatigue control system to record a video of the blowing process via the handheld unit of the alcohol interlock. If it is detected that the driver is drunk, the system will not let him start the engine during the parking, but also will not stop the car while driving (this can be dangerous for the driver's life). The system will send the necessary data to the server and, when the driver returns to the company, there will be consequences waiting for him. The PSI Mininig engineers have also developed a platform with a user-friendly interface, where the dispatcher can monitor the current situation for vehicles in areas without GSM coverage, as well as generate analytical reports on archived data for a selected period.

The developed system is multipurpose and can be implemented not only on different types of equipment, but also in different industries.


Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub

GPS tracking device for data collection and transmission in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all

Galileosky 7x LTE Cat 1

Multifunctional tracker with LTE and 3G support for advanced fleet management.

Are you working on a solution or looking for the equipment for your project? Contact our specialists, we will help you to choose the right equipment, and our technical support engineers will consult you on technical matters related to Galileosky products.

You can use the similar solutions in your projects. The capacity to implement Galileosky tracking devices is very large. More than 1,000,000 tracking devices are used in different systems from passenger transport monitoring, oil and gas monitoring, mining, and others. Galileosky devices control land vehicles, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

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