Galileosky tracking devices have been used to develop a flagship product to control watering of fields

The intagrator company have developed a system of monitoring and remote control of watering with sprinkling machines, which takes all parameters of the technological process of crop watering into account.

How many parameters do you need to consider creating an automated field watering system?

Let's face it - the fingers of both hands will not be enough!

Watering uniformity, water flow control, calculation of water volume for watering the crops based on soil and climate data, watering planning in each geofence ... and that's not all!

The intagrator company have developed a system of monitoring and remote control of watering with sprinkling machines, which takes all parameters of the technological process of crop watering into account.

InSmartRain product was developed based on Galileosky tracking devices and Easy Logic technology.


Sprinkling machines are self-propelled vehicles for watering the crops that are grown in the fields. The purpose of the machines is to water crops according to the soil moisture and climate in a particular geofence.

Sprinkling watering system is effective because it allows to automate all stages of the watering process. Therefore, some agricultural enterprises have several dozen sprinkling machines in their fleets. The work of the equipment needs to be monitored, which means that telematics is a must!

Project tasks

  1. Remote control of the sprinkling machine: start, stop, direction selection, sprinkling rate selection
  2. Obtaining the data on work of front and circular sprinkling machines. Generation of reports based on statistics
  3. Segmentation of geofences by the number of waterings 
  4. Calculation of millimetres of rainfall for each watering sector, including the water dispenser
  5. Calculation of total water consumption by the machine 
  6. Evaluation of speed and time of machines, work cycles.
  7. Fixing the movement without water
  8. Monitoring of the water pressure level in the main line 
  9. Remote activation and deactivation water dispenser
  10. Deactivation of the liquid fertilizer supply
  11. Monitoring of emergency situations 

InSmartRain product functionality

InSmartRain system allows to digitize the operation of sprinkling machines of any manufacturer.The intagrator company replace the standard equipment panel - with a touch panel, which repeats all the elements of manual control. The replacement of the panel does not affect the warranty of the equipment.

The equipment is connected to a set of sensors: water pressure sensor, water dispenser sensor, water meter, alarm sensor, sensor of the set water pouring rate, fertilizer sensor and others.

InSmartRain system monitors forward and backward movement of the equipment, movement without and with water, water dispenser operation, segments watering sectors, counts total water consumption, reports an accident.

Sprinkling machines can be monitored remotely by a smartphone or a computer. An employee of the company can start and stop the machine, choose the direction of its movement, set the rate of water pouring, activate and deactivate the water dispenser, water and fertilizer supply.

One of the central elements of the system is the Galileosky 7x tracking device using the Easy Logic technology. The tracking device provides the primary data processing and transmission, processing of control commands. The tracking device communicates with the touch panel via ModBus protocol. The data is transmitted to the Wialon telematics software. 


In 2022 the functionality of the InSmartRain product will be expanded: there will be a Spanish language interface, a hardware solution version with a transmission channel and control via LoraWAN, wireless data exchange between the sprinkling machine control cabinet and sensors located on the end carts. In addition, there will be a CMS system for creating and editing the parameters of sprinkling machines based on Galileosky devices.

Galileosky tracking devices with Easy Logic technology have made InSmartRain flagship product. The flexibility in setup and control has already attracted the attention of agribusinesses from Latin America, North America and Australia. In addition, sprinkling machines manufacturers from the UAE are interested in the product.


Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Galileosky 7x 3G

A feature rich GPS tracker with 3G support for advanced fleet management

You can use the similar solutions in your projects. The capacity to implement Galileosky tracking devices is very large. More than 1,000,000 tracking devices are used in different systems from passenger transport monitoring, oil and gas monitoring, mining, and others. Galileosky devices control land vehicles, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

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