Agricultural machinery detection without sensors

The Integrator solution allows to monitor the movement of agricultural machinery and determine whether it is working in geofences

Development Background

The cost per hour of agricultural equipment operation increases every year: it includes the cost of the operator's work, fuel and lubricants consumption, and equipment wear. One hour of machinery operation during high load periods costs tens of thousands of rubles.

Galileosky partner was approached by one of the largest agricultural holdings. The customer has hectares of fields and a huge equipment fleet. Misuse of the company's equipment or using it on someone else's fields had a negative impact on the company's profits. It was also important for the customer to provide control of the equipment operation: for example, to assess that the tractor does not just move across the field at a speed of 7 km/h, but performs its work tasks.


  1. Control the machinery operation in the specified geofences.
  2. Implement a simple solution, without using additional sensors.
  3. Configure alerts using the standard means of the vehicle monitoring platform.


The  Integrator specialists have implemented the project based on Galileosky 7x tracking devices and the Easy Logic technology without installing any additional sensors.

At the first stage of the project, the experts have conducted in-depth interviews with some several representatives of the agricultural industry and have identified the specific circumstances of the problem, have formed patterns and scenarios of the agricultural machinery operation, evaluated variants of possible movement tracks in the fields. They have developed algorithms for the individual scenarios of the machinery operation, tested them on the test stand, and then - on the agricultural equipment in the working mode. After that, the solution was implemented in the pilot mode.

The Easy Logic algorithms detect the scenario of the equipment operation and determine the nature of its movement. If several movement patterns coincide, the algorithm records the fact of the transport operation and sends the data to the monitoring server in the form of the "work" sensor value.

All calculations take place "on board" of the system, as in the fields where the machinery works, there may be no connection to transmit data to the server.


Quick integration and deployment of the system of work detection, the ability to monitor the work of the agricultural machinery in the geofences without the use of additional sensors have allowed to implement the system efficiently and within a short time.

After the implementation of the system, the customer was able to control the unauthorized use of the machinery and eliminate the risk of financial losses.

CEO of Integrator company:
CEO of Integrator company:

"The main advantage of our solution is in its implementation with the help of an algorithm. You only need a modern Galileosky tracking device to develop the solution. This stack of technologies allows to implement the solution either in the shortest possible time and remotely. The system can work separately as an element of telematics in terms of control and can also be embedded in various telematics projects related to the identification of work. This is a real demonstration of the technological development from "iron" - to algorithms.


Galileosky 7x C

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Galileosky 7x

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