What's new in the Configurator? Version 4.25.0

07 October 2021

Now the SD-card file system has become more flexible. You can convert audio files for the autoinformer in one window, use logs auto-collection and find the CCID request on the Device tab.

Galileosky developers have released 4.25.0Configurator version, stable 31 and beta 36, 33, 32 firmwares.

User-friendly SD file system

The new Configurator version has two commands: Move and Delete files from the SD-card. Now you do not need to make copies on the Webdav server to move or delete an item located on the SD-card.

More and more integrators use SD-cards to customize Easy Logic algorithms. Therefore, Galileosky developers have taken the first step towards file management, so that users can work more comfortably with an external storage device.

Convert audio in one window

Easy Logic supports only «.wav» audio files with specific audio characteristics. Previously, when downloading audio, you had to do a lot to convert and save them.

Now can use one more window on the Routes tab to download all the necessary files at once. Just choose a place to save and click the "Convert" button. Then the audio converter automatically converts files into the desired format without additional actions. Thus, you can select files and copy them to the memory card directly to use them in Easy Logic scripts. As a result, the number of steps has reduced.

Improved logs auto-collection

Logs auto-collection is now even more convenient! Logs collection functionality now supports early firmware as well. To collect logs you can mark the needed diagnostic parameters set and start the process. Additionally, the information, which is necessary for technical support can be collected easily as well.

Keep an eye on CCID from the Device tab

Earlier the CCID code could be found upon request through the command only. Now on the Device tab next to IMEI and IMSI you can find the CCID code of the active SIM-card. With this information, it is possible to determine phone numbers, mobile operators and which cell tower the devices’ SIM card is connected to at this moment.

New functions will be available after firmware update: go to the Device tab to install a new Configurator version.

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