Difficulty finding CAN data? Checklist for beginners

20 July 2021


Want to know if we have decrypted CAN data of your car? Check the database.


Found it? - Send a request to technical support. Make sure, that you wrote the brand, model and year of the vehicle, as well as the parameter you want to find. Experts will tell you how to set the device and where exactly to look for the needed parameter. Moreover, specialists will tell you where the connection point to the CAN bus is.



Most often, the connection point is the OBD connector under the steering wheel, in the glove compartment or under the front panel of the car. Sometimes you can connect directly to the twisted pair CAN H and CAN L wires. Check the resistance between the wires, it should be 60 ohms. In case the resistance is about 120-150 Ohm, use a 120 Ohm resistor. You can also connect to the CAN bus through contactless readers. They do not break the insulation and keep the warranty. However, connected via contactless readers, you cannot send commands to the bus, only receive data.


If you are busy with a CAN bus, which is not in our database and you have difficulties in finding a parameter, we will help you. The CAN Scanner has a CAN Logger function. Following the recommendations of the technical support operator, record the CAN bus operation and send us the log. We will analyze the log and show the exact place where the required parameter is located.

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