Agriculture under the control of Easy Logic: from field preparation to planting to the sale of the final product

28 December 2021

Telematics tasks are becoming more and more complex every year: companies are expanding their requirements for monitoring, vehicle control and logistics systems.

More and more often, integrators need to develop specialized solutions for their customers' tasks. This is easily done based on the Galileosky tracking devices and the Easy Logic technology which allows to set up the necessary scenarios to control the monitoring objects easily and quickly (using graphical programming). In this article, we will tell you how Interra used the Easy Logic technology to create packaged software products for agriculture.

Better plowing of the fields - more crops

A sugar beet producer has appealed to integrator with the request to control the plough depth penetration when plowing the soil. Every year the customer was losing a part of the harvest because of plowing procedure violations: deviation of the plowing tool by half a centimeter caused the root crops to grow different size. Both too small and too big beets were unable to accumulate the required amount of sugar, moreover, such roots were difficult to pick.

To control the compliance of the parameters of the agroholding machinery, integrator experts have developed the packaged solution Deeplow. The technological stack of Deeplow includes Galileosky 7x tracking devices, the Easy Logic technology, Wialon monitoring software. The uniqueness of the product is that it takes into account the individual characteristics of different machines that are used for plowing. The set of sensors is selected for different types of equipment. The Galileosky tracking device with the Easy Logic technology is responsible for data collection, initial processing and tracking.

The advantage of Deeplow is that the data is processed and filtered on board the machine. The operator immediately receives the information and can adjust the machine's operation.

Field watering can now be controlled remotely

Modern farms try to automate the process of watering the agricultural land as much as possible. When creating an automated field watering system, many factors must be taken into account: watering uniformity, water consumption, soil and climate data, and field geometry.

Experts from integrator have developed the InSmartRain system of monitoring and remote control of watering with sprinkling machines, which takes all parameters of the technological process of crop watering into account: from starting the sprinkling machines movement and water delivery - to controlling emergencies. The sprinkling machines can be controlled remotely via smartphone or computer.

One of the central elements of the InSmartRain system is the Galileosky 7x tracking device, which is configured using the Easy Logic technology. The tracking device provides primary data processing and transmission, processing of control commands. The tracking device communicates with the touch panel via ModBus protocol. The data is transmitted to the Wialon telematics platform.

Growing apples has become a very profitable business with the Easy Logic technology

Integrator has developed and implemented the «Harvest Control Center» software system for a large apple producer in 20 days. The solution made it possible to aggregate data on the quantity of harvested apples in terms of varieties, harvest areas, and containers for transportation.

The integration of the Galileosky tracking device with the weighing equipment with the Easy Logic technology makes it possible to relate the weight data with the digitized data (plot, variety of apples, year of planting, etc) and to present the user the whole picture in the form of an electronic invoice. The solution is integrated with 1C, the harvest data goes straight into the accounting system. This allows to manage the accounting process of apples fully.

Data analysis has detected the «bottlenecks» in the production process and allowed to increase the gross harvest from 2,400 tons to 3,000 tons. It should be noted that 600 tons of apples in the purchase price is 10 million rubles.

Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager
Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager

«If you can't find a template of the Easy Logic algorithms in the library that fits the integrator's task, an algorithm for a specific technical task and a unique proposal for the client can be created. Easy Logic allows to configure the tracking device functionality for almost any task.

The Easy Logic technology is a software environment where you can create algorithms by writing a script or in form of function block (graphical programming). Created algorithms have their own extension and can be saved by the client both locally and remotely for further uploading to the tracking device. Algorithms can be created based on the existing templates or developed from scratch. Galileosky technical support helps integrators: it replenishes the library with new templates, creates training programs and holds webinars on parsing solutions based on Easy Logic»

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