Wi-Fi solution for a coal mine in Kyrgyzstan


The integrator company created the Wi-Fi Hub solution to optimize the performance accounting process and control heavy equipment at a coal mine in Kyrgyzstan.

Project background

During five years, devices with SIM cards were installed on the company's trucks, and data transmission from each unit was carried out via GSM. As the quarry expanded the of the GSM signal has been overlapped from the cell tower and this led to communication interruptions. Due to the large angle on the quarry roads the machines’ engines work to their limit. The installed telematics equipment could not cope harsh conditions and it was necessary to implement a solution that would work stably via Wi-Fi and be reliable when it is -30 ° C outside.


  • Keep track of vehicles where there is no GSM
  • Control fuel consumption and prevent drains
  • Keep an eye on the machines’ maintenance intervals
  • Implement Eco driving


The project was implemented on the basis of Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub units. This device can collect data from other devices, where the GSM signal is weak, or is absent, and later, in the network coverage area transmit them to the monitoring server.

A fleet of heavy equipment contains: heavy dump trucks, two loaders, bulldozers, three compressor units and a fuel tanker. The data transfer from each machine was configured as follows:

1. At first, specialists set up a geofence. Leaving or entering which, the fuel truck switches to collection mode.

2. Arriving at the quarry, while refueling is in progress, the refueller collects data from bulldozers and compressor units. It takes about five minutes to refuel one piece of equipment. This is more than enough to unload the information accumulated during the working day.

3. Upon arrival at the base in the Wi-Fi coverage area, the refueller sends data to the monitoring server automatically. It takes about 15 minutes to send information.

4. The rest of the loaders and dump trucks regularly come to the parking lot at the end of the shift and upload the data directly to the server via Wi-Fi.

The data sent to the server is formed into reports and mining company fleet managers can make steps to optimize work processes. For example, three employees were constantly working in a career. They recorded all dump truck flights on a piece of paper. Of course, no one could guarantee the accuracy their counting, so they were replaced by the new monitoring system.

Reports in the monitoring system showed that employees underestimated the number of flights. They wrote down 1-2 less than what was actually done in a day.



Thanks to the implemented solution at the coal mine, the fleet management is able to carry out an effective redistribution of the team members. Moreover, an accurate fuel consumption accounting have been implemented. It allows to compare the real consumption with the number of flights done.

To optimize equipment overload, a maintenance interval monitoring algorithm was implemented. This made it possible to send equipment less often for long repairs and maintain high volumes of collected coal.

Eco Driving is another feature that the integrator has implemented. Now the reports show how operators and drivers handle the equipment. Based on structured data, the customer is able now to suppress aggressive driving and encourage careful drivers.

You can use similar solutions in your projects. The potential of the devices is great, they are used on Earth widely. Galileosky devices control water transport, sports cars, seismic all-terrain vehicles and even weather stations.

Do you have a success story to share? Contact us, we’ll be glad to know about it. The most interesting cases will be published on our website and included into the monthly digest.

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