Weather station based on Galileosky devices

The integrator created a full-fledged weather station with Galileosky device and additional sensors connected to it. The irrigation system is automatically turned on or off and the operation of systems in greenhouses and fields is controlled thanks to up-to-date information on temperature, humidity, wind strength, precipitation, etc.


To create the weather station, Galileosky 7.0 device with the ability to connect additional devices via RS 485, RS 232, CAN, USB and 1-Wire protocols were utilized. Sensors for temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar and UV radiation were integrated, along with an anemometer for measuring and monitoring precipitation and a solar radiation sensor. The received data is sent to the Wialon platform, where the customer monitors the status and changes in weather conditions.


Galileosky 7.0 Lite

Compact GPS/GLONASS device in a plastic housing with built-in antennas.

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management


7 peripheral sensors

The company plans to collect data on the moon phase, sunrise and sunset times, speed and direction of wind, wind-cold index, evaporation, solar radiation intensity, as well as create a weather forecast based on the reports. For the outdoor version of the weather station, making a protective housing and mounting it on the spot is all that remains. You can copy the firmware to the new device and connect the sensors, getting a fully working weather station.

The complexity of setting up this system was in coordination of the communication protocol between analog and digital sensors.

Galileosky 7.0 allow integrate a large number of sensors, but also program an algorithm for their interaction though Easy Logic.

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