Transportation control for world’s largest companies


Emrill found a way to optimize staff transportation with Galileosky trackers and know about all 7500 employees’ movements in real time. Apart from that, photocameras are used to identify the drivers.

Project background

Emrill maintains real estate worldwide and is a part of the largest property developer in Near East Emaar Properties, found in UAE in 1997. The company headquarters is placed in Dubai. The developer owns more than 14 000 buildings across the world, including the world’s highest skyscraper Burj Khalifa.

At this stage, Emrill company passed the transportation management to Hertz, the largest company on the leasing and car rental market. At the moment innovations for transportation costs reduction are actively implemented.


  • Transportation safety control;
  • Safe logistics for employees delivery to and from construction sites;
  • Control of people transportation according to existing legislative norms;
  • Transportation costs reduction.


The process was divided into several stages:

  • Based on Easy Logic technology, Galileosky engineers created special algorithms analyzing the user arrays. Each was limited by a maximum number of seats in buses (passengers are not allowed to stand while driving).
  • Each employee was given a unique RFID card to be attached to the reader for entry/exit. By doing so, the employee added or deleted his ID from the array;
  • Galileosky 7.0 trackers were mounted on the company buses;
  • Software structure was defined, corresponding elements were installed and set on the company servers.


Besides, a similar system was installed for driver identification, including photocameras. In 2 months special algorithms were created specifically for this project. Installing the trackers and integration process took half a year.



7500 employees are under control

Galileosky trackers allow to receive a full picture of all 7500 company workers whereabouts in real time. This helps to optimize transportation, making the employees movements less costly and more effective.

Julia Rokka
Julia Rokka Galileosky Business Development Officer

Emrill, as well as head company Emaar, is interested in new technology integration. For logistics optimization purposes they chose Galileosky trackers, which allow to send data fast and safe. With the help of our devices, it is now easy to control how many employees are working on a specific construction site.

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