The Brazilian manufacturer SGBras has developed the on-board visual+voice assistant project based on Galileosky devices

Galileosky TLT and SGBras Tecnologia have been partners since the end of 2021. During this time, about 2,000 Galileosky devices have been installed in vehicles and equipment throughout Brazil.


SGBras is one of the main telemetric technology companies in Brazil, currently manufacturing and representing equipment for vehicle fleet management.

Headquartered in the city of Itaúna, Minas Gerais, Brazil, SGBras is nationally recognized for the quality and efficiency of its products and implementation.

The on-board visual +voice assistant project was developed and manufactured by SGBras. It allows drivers to save money and maintain their safety, advises on the maximum speed in dry and rainy weather, activates the audio and shows the dangers of the road in screen. But in summary, it helps to take care of the most valuable thing in a company, the Human resource represented in each driver and their passengers.


Project tasks

  1. To help the driver to drive the vehicle correctly, saving money and maintaining safety.
  2. To advise on the maximum speed in dry and rainy weather, in addition to activating the audio and showing the dangers of the road on the screen.
  3. To allow identification with the RFID card reader.
  4. To evaluate efficiency of drivers.
  5. In case of an accident, to allow the customer to view the data provided in the software and resort to the black box to analyze the facts and take corrective actions and lessons learned.


The on-board assistant is to help the driver with how to drive the vehicle to save money and keep it safe. The device works when the roads are mapped, informs about the maximum speed in dry and rainy weather, in addition to activating audio and showing road hazards on the screen. The first action when turning on the vehicle key is to identify yourself with the RFID card reader. Then all actions on the vehicle are calculated for that driver. At the end of the month, the managers show the qualities and where it needs to be improved to ensure a long life for the vehicle, the economy and the risk points in terms of its detected safety.

The project was created to serve companies in the mining segment where service within the mine is essential. After making several sales, other customers in different segments also adopted the technology.

The device can work in multiple geographical conditions in the different places where the project is developed, ideal for the Brazilian market. With multiple geographical and climatic conditions. In 2023, the export of some products to LATAM countries began.

One of the strengths of the project is the capture of data from the CAN network that helps provide savings to companies, as it guides drivers to correct the act when the vehicle is operated incorrectly.

When an accident occurs, the Client can view the data provided in the software and resort to the black box to analyze the facts and take corrective action and lessons learned.

SGBras currently works with Galileosky LTE, HUB and Base Block Iridium devices.

Flexibility in programming so that the SGBras products could interact was essential.

The fact that it also has various types of communication like I/O, 232, 485, etc. It has allowed the expansion of several projects.

The use of two SIM cards and one memory card decreases the latency period and the lack of GPRS signal, saves positions even in remote areas to send data later, increases the number of driver cards, a large number of audio messages and saves the programming logic.


Now the company are planning other solutions that integrate SGBras products with Galileosky.

One of them is risk management that seeks to reduce cargo theft in Brazil. A fact that has grown substantially. We are in the testing phase of the Galileosky + Wireless Jammer SW-403. The preliminary results were satisfactory. Another project in view is the implementation of the Internet in a remote area with the help of Starlink and Galileosky HUB antennas. Working with Galileosky and SGBras products enabled a range of previously unimaginable solutions.

SGBras customers have found solutions in terms of economy, safety and availability of vehicles.

Galileosky's expansion in Brazil is scheduled. A reliable and quality product that has surprised several customers in the demanding Brazilian market.

Hundreds of vehicles throughout Brazil use this on-board visual +voice assistant system based on Galileosky devices.

Samuel Oliveira, CEO SGBras:
Samuel Oliveira, CEO SGBras:

«Drivers knew the speed limit only when an audible signal was activated. Now they constantly see the speed limit on the highway through the on-board assistant screen. The Assistant on board with Galileosky allows the inclusion of more billboards, more alerts and more driver registration. Configuration and programming became more agile due to Galileosky's ease of programming. The main benefits that the project has brought safety, agility in operations, availability of vehicles for the operation, cost reduction» 

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