System to count energy resources on drilling rig

A solution based on Galileosky devices allows to save from 2 to 10 cubic meters of fuel per month. Integrator-company specialists have developed a system for resource accounting and monitoring of drilling parameters on mobile and fixed rigs.

Project background

To extract fossil fuel in the fields, mobile or fixed drilling rigs are used. The type of asset depends on the well oil recovery, depth and oil volume that is hidden under the surface. Fuel consumption for the drill shaft rotation is from 3 to 15 thousand liters per day. To ensure the stable and uninterrupted operation of drilling equipment, a large amount of resources is needed: diesel fuel for the main engine, fuel for heating, and electricity for workers’ accommodation space.

Moreover, some projects are based on fully electric drilling rigs, which are powered by enormous diesel generator equipment with a capacity of 200 kW - 1 MW. It takes tons of fuel to consistently generate such power. The mining organization needed to ensure control of fuel flows at the facility, as well as set up generated energy consumption accounting.

In addition to the described challenges, specialists needed to solve the problem of monitoring the drilling parameters and ensure stable data transfer to the server for full-fledged reports.


  • Monitor diesel fuel consumption
  • Identify drains and optimize performance
  • Count the consumed electricity
  • Monitor drilling parameters


Engineers are engaged in the development and production of equipment for oil and gas industry. They created the solution for monitoring all energy resources at fixed and mobile drilling sites. Here's how they done this.

To conduct detailed electricity metering, a power meter was connected to the Galileosky device. Depending on the budget and the required measurement accuracy, the customer can choose a solution with FLS, or with flow meters, mass meters, ultrasonic level meters. These devices differ in measurement accuracy, but the difference is not critical.

Fleets are equipped with the system, operate throughout the continent. The temperature difference is about 100 C, from -50 to +50, so the Galileosky tracking device is placed in a robust case. It protects against environmental influences. Also in the plastic case there is a special controller that converts data exchange protocols for further sending information to the server via Galileosky tracking device.

The integrator opted for Galileosky units with Wi-Fi support, which were installed on all controlled equipment. An industrial Wi-Fi router was installed in the data transmission chain, it provides a constant access point and was connected to the satellite. After that, via the satellite, engineers receive data to the monitoring server. They used a special software to process data and decode and group it into diagrams,  graphs and reports. They are useful for visual analysis and trend detection in fuel or electricity consumption.

Moreover, the integrator company offers a solution for monitoring drilling parameters. The hardware and software complex developed by engineers collects data from a variety of peripheral sensors, and also provides data transmission to the server in severe weather conditions outside the GSM coverage.


Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub

GPS tracking device for data collection and transmission in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all

Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management


The system, created on the basis of Galileosky GPS tracking devices, allows to control complex and expensive drilling equipment far beyond the boundaries of the mobile communication zone. Now all valuable energy resources are counted: both the fuel for the generators and the electricity they generate. According to experts' calculations, the payback period of the solution at the rig is up to 6 months. You can save up to $10К if it is a powerful stationary asset.

In addition, a system of dozens of sensors and a unit monitors health and assesses drilling rig performance. This saves money on repairs significantly and allows to identify a weak node in advance, before it leads to the drilling delay.

You can use same solutions in your projects. The potential of the devices is great, they are used anywhere on Earth. Water transport, sports cars, seismic all-terrain vehicles and even weather stations are controlled by Galileosky devices.

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