Thanks to Galileosky devices, the experience of the integrator and the flexible monitoring system, it was possible to develop a solution to guarantee the safety of children's transportation.

New vehicles are connected to the system, the fleet is replenished with new buses. Every day, the technical support specialist of the integrator company meets at a conference call of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations and reports on the school buses performance on main and additional routes.

You can use similar solutions in your projects. The potential of Galileosky units is large. More than 750,000 trackers are instelled in systems ranging from passenger transport control, oil gas monitoring, mining and others. Galileosky devices help to keep an eye on land transport, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

Would you like to tell about your own interesting project? Send us your story or share it with the Galileosky manager. We will jointly prepare a case and tell the professional community about your success.

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