Sand delivery control in out-of-GSM areas


The Russian integrator company uses Galileosky Wi-Fi Hub devices and Easy Logic technology to control sand and crushed stone transportation processes for road construction in the far North.

Project background

The company builds roads and landfills in the far North. The company's fleet is 500 units of new machines: bulldozers, excavators, graders, rollers, tractors and dump trucks.

There was a strong need to create the solution for monitoring the transportation of bulk cargo (sand and crushed stone). The system should work in hard conditions and transmit data from equipment located at sites without GSM. The collected data is used by the company's specialists to predict the equipment payback period, as well as control schedule and quality of construction works. The system was developed and implemented by Galileosky's partner, the integrator company «Nova Track».


  • Keep an eye on the equipment outside the GSM area
  • Count the delivered cargo
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Set up the automated control over the execution of tasks


Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub

GPS tracking device for data collection and transmission in areas with weak GSM signal or no coverage at all


The Nova Track integrator solved the task of collected data at out-of-GSM sites with Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub devices and Easy Logic technology. Within the first stage of the project, 100 machines were equipped with trackers.

Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub receives data from other devices that are installed on vehicles permanently located in the territory without cellular communication and take them to an area with a GSM signal, where they send all data to the server.

Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub are the separate stand-alone devices and that are configured using Easy Logic for two performance modes – data collection via Wi-Fi and its’ uploading via Wi-Fi channel also. These devices collect data from other Galileosky trackers. Upon returning to the base, driver brings the device into the office with a configured Wi-Fi network and switches to the data upload mode. Such a scheme for collecting and transmitting information prevents from data loss when it is mistakenly sent to the «wrong device». For example, the hub transmitted data to another hub, which is constantly not in touch and remained to be out-of-GSM zone for a long time). Moreover, the device is guaranteed to upload the collected information via the Wi-Fi channel, despite the very weak Internet connection in the area.


Data collection on construction sites without GSM

System developers set up geofences, entering which the Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub device turns the mode of receiving or sending data, depending on the current tasks.

For example, the vehicle on which the Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub is installed delivers fuel, a workers crew, or building materials to the site with no GSM. The device switches on the “data collection” mode from the trackers installed on the equipment working in the geofence, and then, in 5 minutes the device “downloads” data accumulated during the day. When vehicle returns to the base (in the area with cellular coverage), the device automatically sends data to the monitoring server. The process takes 15 minutes.

Loaders and dump trucks that return to the parking lot at the end of the shift every day – directly (via Wi-Fi) upload data to the server.


Control of the volume of delivered materials (sand, crushed stone, etc.)

Storage locations for sand and crushed stone change frequently and the technique works at different sites. Therefore, the equipment that is used for loading and unloading operations is designated in the system as a movable geofence: sand or crushed stone.

When dump trucks leave the storage area, the system understands that a bulk cargo has been loaded and collects data on the number of dump trucks that have left the geofence.

The system monitors the fact of unloading materials via the device, connected to the dump truck CAN-bus, which records the fact of lifting the trunk. When the dump truck drives into the geofence and lifts the trunk, the tracker records time and location in the report. The volume of sand delivered is calculated based on the trunk volume. Usually, it is 20 m3. All data is sent to the monitoring server.


Fuel consumption control

Nova Track specialists set up an algorithm to read fuel consumption data. Connected to the CAN-bus using the CAN Scanner tool, they identify a block with fuel parameters. The data goes through a system of filters and is sent to the device. After that it is directed to the monitoring server if the machine is at the base at the time of data uploading.

Alexander Plesovskikh, Nova Track CEO
Alexander Plesovskikh, Nova Track CEO

In complex projects, where it is necessary to track not only the equipment location, the amount of consumed fuel, but also when it is necessary to set up business processes control outside of GSM – we opt for Galileosky.

When the project is finalized, all dump trucks will be equipped with RFID tags to identify drivers, since the drivers' salary will depend on the number of flights made and the volume of bulk cargo transported. Moreover, the integrator's specialists will set up analytics to identify careless equipment usage and safety violations at construction sites.

Alexander Plesovskikh
Alexander Plesovskikh

The main difficulty was when installing and debugging equipment, it is important to know whether the data comes to the monitoring server, as well as how correct it is. In out-of-GSM areas, this information is difficult to obtain, therefore, in order to check the correctness of the equipment installation, the employee had to return back to the base or to a place where there is Wi-Fi and contact the main office for verification.


Thanks to the implemented solution, the construction company can keep records of transported cargo, monitor fuel consumption and calculate the equipment payback period.

In the nearest future several hundred units of the customer's machinery will be equipped with Galileosky devices. This will allow to monitor the company's business processes and generate reports with many indicators. The project will also be helpful for other company departments. As the production department will receive data online, which will significantly reduce the time for preparing.

You can use similar solutions in your projects. The potential of Galileosky tracking devices is large. More than 1 mln devices operate in systems ranging from passenger transport control, oil and gas industry monitoring, mining and others; transport, ships, sports cars and even weather stations are under Galileosky devices control.

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