Since the beginning of 2021, Zerecon has equipped more than 80 vehicles with Galileosky devices.

Thus, this solution turned out to be beneficial for both parties: customers were given the opportunity to get a loan and own a car, and the dealer – to expand the control over those who do not fulfill credit obligations or violate the rules described in the agreement.

You can use similar solutions in your projects. The potential of Galileosky tracking devices is large. More than 750,000 devices operate in systems ranging from passenger transport control, oil and gas industry monitoring, mining and others. - transport, ships, sports cars and even weather stations are under Galileosky devices control.

Would you like to tell about your own interesting project? Send us your story or share a news story with the Galileosky manager. We will jointly prepare a case and tell the professional community about it.

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Innovative telematics for reliable logistics

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