Programmable GPS device for car sharing

Car sharing company, built a rent cars control system with Galileosky units integrated with all vehicle parts via CAN bus. Other peripherals or any additional sensors were not needed as all control process of the vehicle is carried out via CAN bus using Easy Logic technology.

Project background

It was necessary to register documents and driver ID, book cars, check, rent them and start the engine from the client's smartphone. This allows to use the convenient system for short trips as well as for a fortnight. At the same time, rental cars owners need to control the driving style, get rid of vandalism, ban offenders and praise careful drivers.



  • Provide the most convenient car sharing service
  • Build a flexible driver reward system based on driving style
  • Let the customer manage vehicle systems themselves
  • Monitor the location of rented cars
  • Diagnose and monitor vehicles remotely
  • Make basis for additional options if advanced solutions are needed
  • Provide an opportunity to refuel only at authorized gas stations


Car sharing specialists specialists have developed a platform where all service processes are carried out while Galileosky 7x units could be connected to two CAN buses and play the role of hardware in the system. Engineers equipped such cars as: Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, VW Polo, Skoda Rapid and Octavia, Renault Kaptur and Ravon R2. All calculations and logical processes were done by Easy Logic algorithms. Moreover, the application for mobile devices was also developed to proceed all rental activities.

To track the driving style of each user, experts use the built-in accelerometer pedals position data from CAN bus. This solution allows to detect dangerous or aggressive driving, eliminate drift and even car accidents. In case of any emergencies data from the unit is promptly sent to the dispatcher.

Cars are available for rent in certain areas only; it is also necessary to use them and complete the lease within the borders. To monitor the location of rented cars, the integrator implemented a Galileosky unit-based geofence solution and added an option to block the engine when leaving the geofence. Moreover, one large geofence is divided into the smaller ones, where speed limits are set differently.



1 unit to install
8 CAN-buses parsed

Based on CAN bus and a special monitoring platform, the integrator has built a flexible system that provides control and safety, makes the service convenient and attractive for customers.

In addition to described challenges, some convenient chips were added into the system. For example, remote engine start, so that in winter the driver gets into the already warmed-up cabin. Moreover, the system can play a signal and blink headlights if the client cannot find the needed car in a large parking lot with hundreds of similar cars.

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