Monitoring agricultural airplane using an Android App

Galileosky tracking devices to monitor the airplane for watering the fields. A dispatcher controls all the important airplane performance online. The monitoring process is very simple due to data visualization in the Android App.

About the project

Typically, such a solution requires specialized and expensive hardware and software. The customer wanted to find a cheaper solution.


  • Upgrade of the airplane dashboard
  • Creation of unique software
  • Data visualization in the Android app
  • Simple control for the dispatcher


Integrator company has combined various devices with software into one system. They have used Galileosky v 5.0 tracking devices with Easy Logic. The technology allows to expand the solution functionality with additional features. The fleet management provider has chosen Wialon software for data visualization. The development process took place in several stages:

  1. Galileosky devices are connected to onboard plane equipment and atmospheric pressure and temperature sensors.
  2. Experts of integrator company made it possible to transfer data from the external sensors to the GPS device via Bluetooth.
  3. Moreover, they have created the Android App to display engine speed and hours, fuel level, flight altitude of the airplane in real time.



Easy logic of work
Android app integration

Experts of integrator company have created a convenient tool for monitoring airplane data. As a result, the dispatcher can monitor critical parameters by the App. The airplane engine performance and positioning are available to the customer on Wialon Hosting.

The prototype has passed all tests and the company will use it in this agricultural season.

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