Keeping records for agricultural machinery downtime

There is a common problem of equipment downtime that agricultural companies face with. This is especially crucial during sowing and harvesting periods. Even extra 20 minutes can cause significant costs that are difficult to predict. Such difficulties could be solved with Galileosky devices.

Project background

Reasons for machinery downtime are different. These are breakdowns, logistic difficulties, weather changes, etc. Several agricultural enterprises requested for a system that can record work stoppages.



  • Fix downtime reasons.
  • Visualize data collection for operators.


Watch it experts created a special accounting system that records downtime as an electronic diary. The system could be integrated into the equipment for automatic recording of downtime and its reasons. The structure of the downtime reasons display is discussed with the customer beforehand and may contain up to 2-3 detailed levels.

The onboard part of the system contains Galileosky device with Easy Logic technology and Owen IP320 operator panel. Power supply of the onboard part is optionally DC 12, 24V or AC 220V.

The operator panel displays commands from the driver. At the same time, the system is controlled by a special algorithm written in Easy Logic. Information about the downtime reason is registered and sent to Wialon Hosting SaaS platform or to Wialon Local server. Based on data received, it is possible to build a report reflecting downtime in various versions with universal Wialon report designer.

Specially developed algorithm constantly analyzes traffic information based on GPS data. In other words, the algorithm for the downtime accounting system was implemented as follows:

  1.  While the car is moving, onboard part of the system is in standby mode. When stopping, the driver has to indicate the reason on the side panel.
  2. Obviously, sometimes it is impossible to immediately identify the reason for stopping, so when stop, the system starts a three-minute countdown.
  3. If the operator did not indicate the reason during this period, an audible buzzer will sound on the dashboard. It attracts attention of the operator and displays a corresponding message on the screen. If no reason is given, the Rest mode will be automatically activated.
  4. After two more minutes, the system switches to "Rest" and the audio signal turns off.
  5. If the machine starts moving again before five-minute interval expiration, the system will return to its default state. The driver does not have to select or press anything.
  6. After eliminating the cause of downtime, before getting back to work, the driver must deselect the reason for the downtime by pressing the Escape button.
  7. If the machine starts moving and the driver has not noted the reason for the idle time, the system gives two buzzer signals to attract driver’s attention. There is no automatic transition to the operating mode, as almost all reasons for downtime exclude movement.


All information generated in such a way is recorded in the unit’s memory and sent to Wialon monitoring system via GSM or Wi-Fi from the unit. Data becomes available for comprehensive analysis in Wialon.



7 logical conditions
3 levels

The developed system allows to minimize costs from equipment downtime. Time intervals, details of reasons, movement recording or any other events –all these parameters are optional and customized for each client.

Moreover, it suits not only for agricultural machinery, but also for construction machinery, production equipment, transportation, production line.

Galileosky devices are equipped with Easy Logic technology, which allows to quickly integrate the devices from other manufacturers. It speeds up the system installation and, as a result, reduces costs for the customer.

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